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History of updates and additions to this site

Last updated on 2 August 2021. Numbers of individuals (previous update

Kingsman Kinsman Kingman Kinman Fragments Total  
England & Wales 5464 (5414) 5690 (5665) 3330 (3307) 2082 (2082) 451 (437) 17017
Scotland 128 (128) 635 (636)
172 (172)
Ireland 73 (73)

USA 49 (49) 3004 (2902) 2799 (2758) 3182 (3165) 37 (37) 9071
1661 (1636) 4 (4) 21 (21)
South Africa
202 (176) 36 (36)
102 (123) 340
Australia 493 (493) 691 (680) 112 (112) 70 (70) 56 (56) 1412
Total 6207 (6157) 11882 (11857) 6281 (6240) 5527 (5510) 646 (632) 30543

2 Aug 2021: Updated Kingman USA, Kinman USA and Kinsman Cornwall trees.
30 May 2021: Updated Kingman USA and Kingman Somerset trees. Added Kingman USA wills.
01 Feb 2021: Updated SA Kinsman imigration to South Africa from Brazil
22 Nov 2019: Updated all trees.
16 Jan 2019: Updated Kinsman USA; Kinman USA trees
30 Oct 2018: Updated Cornwall (Kilkhampton); Kingsman (Wiltshire; Kingman (USA) trees
14 Oct 2018: Major structural change in Kinman USA/Kensington/Lincolnshire
30 Jul 2018: Added wills of John Batt [1656]; Anthony Popejoy [1665]; Phoebe Popejoy [1666]; Anthony Popejoy [1691]; Thomas Dismore [1695]; Sarah Ann Adelaide Kinsman [1913]; George Whitefield Kinsman [1913]; Mary Elizabeth [Sherrin] Kinsman [1927]; William Henry Kinsman [1924]; Farrar and Minnie Kinsman [1924]; Farrar Kinsman [1930]; Maud [Steel] Kinsman [1939]. Added Pietermaritzburg estates index ex familysearch.
8 Apr 2018: Added wills of Agnes Kingman [1589]; Nathaniel Poole [1640]; William Griffin [1606]; Robert Pyle [1666]; John Kingsman [1718]. Added obituary of Hannah [Simcock] Kingsman [1719]. Added admon and inventory of Robert Kingsman [1697]
30 Nov 2017: Added Nova Scotia Marriages, 1711-1909; Nova Scotia Births and Baptisms, 1702-1896; Canada Marriages, 1661-1949 (Nova Scotia Kinsman); Cornwallis Square Church of England in Canada St John, Baptisms, marriages, burials 1718-1911; Nova Scotia Government BMD records (to 1900)
2 Nov 2017: Added Prince Edward Island VRs.
3 Jul 2017: Added will of Thomas Kinsman [1871]
31 Jan 2017: Added Devon burials ex fmp.
30 Dec 2016: Added wills of Robert Kinsman [1788]; Bethiah Kinsman [1791]; Jeremiah Kinsman [1801]; Newport Kinsman [1821]. Added BMB for Totnes RD ex findmypast Devon database. Updated Kinsman Devon tree.
4 Dec 2016: Added GRO deaths for Kinman and Kingsman to 1865; added GRO births for Kinman and Kingsman to 1911.
1 Oct 2016: Added wills of James Kinman [1818]; John Kinman [1865]; Gilbert Kinman [1865]; Julia Kinman [1867]; Amanda [McComas] Kinman [1972]. Estate papers of Joseph Kinman [1882]. Added Georgia, Marriage Records From Select Counties, 1828-1978; Georgia, Death Index, 1919-1998 (ex ancestry)
30 Aug 2016: Added Missouri Death Certificates 1910-1965. Added Georgia Tax Index, 1789-1799 (ex ancestry). Added will and probate of Wesley Kinman [1884]
31 Jul 2016: Completed 1851 England & Wales census. Added BTs for Cuby (Cornwall) 1678-1773. Added MIs from St Peters, Lamerton, Devon. Added Hope (Canada) 1891 census. Added Georgia marriages (to 1850 and 1699-1944) ex ancestry. Added wills of William Kinman [1825]; David Kinman [1831]; James Kinman [1821]; James Kinman [1823]; Levi Kinman [1842]
26 Apr 2016: Added South African Estates records ex ancestry. Added South African Government Gazette & Population Register ex gendatabase. Added Durham (Canada) 1861 and 1881 censuses. Added Burial and Marriage indexes for British Columbia, Canada. Added Exeter City Council burial register.
24 Mar 2016: Added the wills of Samuel Kingman [1740]; John Kingman [1690]; Hannah Kingman [1730]. Added new photo album for USA Kingman. Added Massachusetts Vital Records (fmp) for Kingman. Added new yDNA pages with Kingman results.
28 Feb 2016: Updated 1841 England census. Added Kinsman entries for 1851 England census. Added Hampshire PR records from findmypast. Added PR records from the village of Old, Northamtonshire. Added yDNA results for Kinsman of Scotland tree.
29 Jan 2016: Abstracted indexes from: South Australian BMD; Saville index of SA newspaper death notices; Victoria Births 1836-1913; Victoria Burials & Memorials; Ryerson Death Index; Queensland BMD. Added wills of Catherine Kinsman [1894]; Herbert Kinsman [1930]. Added new yDNA results for Robert the emigrant line.
28 Dec 2015: Updated Kinsman Cornwall trees Australia & NZ emigrants.
30 Nov 2015: Added wills of John Oldis [1744]; Maria Scattergood [1756]; Catherine Scattergood [1783]; Sir Euseby Isham [1626]. Updated DNA sections for Kinman (USA); Kingsman (Scotland); Kinman (England). Added BMD index for Kinsman in Australia.
3 Oct 2015: Added wills of Jacob Perkins [1705]; Jacob Perkins [1759]; George Kingsman [1965]; John Kingsman [1993]. Revised and referenced the tree of Asa Kinsman, added that branch to Wikitree, added a photo album for Asa's line.
31 Aug 2015: Added wills of Henry Michell Kinsman [1864]; William George Kingsman [1980]; William Howard [1709]; Inventory of Robert Kinsman [1665]; Will of Robert Kinsman [1713]; John Kinsman [1753]
31 Jul 2015: Added Kentucky Death Registrations to 1953 ex ancestry.
30 Jun 2015: Added Court summons for Geoffrey Kynsman [1537]; Court case for Henry Kynsman's wife Lena [1537]. Added references from Pike, Illinois histories ex ancestry. Added Kentucky births and marriages. Added California Voter registrations.
29 May 2015:
Added Indiana Marriages to 1850. Updated USA 1850 census with Kinmans from Indiana and Kentucky. Added index for Nothumberland.
27 Apr 2015: Continued validating Kinman USA tree - 43% complete. Added line to Eduardo Kingman (Ecuadorian Artist) on Kingman USA tree. Amalgamated Leicestershire and Northamptonshire Kinsman trees, updated assoicated indexes. Added 1891 & 1901 UK census [Kynman only complete]. Added Court summons for Robert Kynsman [1559]. Added land transfer mentioning Richard Kynman [1669]. Added land transfer for Richard Kingsman [1666]. Updated DNA pages.
30 Mar 2015: Added probate index for Kinsman. Continued update of Kinsman Cornwall (AK) tree - 33% complete.
28 Feb 2015: Added 1911 census for Scotland. Added Scottish GRO indices for births, marriages and deaths. Added PR indexes for Scotland for Kinman.
29 Jan 2015: Added Kinsman & Kinman of Scotland trees. Added Sottish census 1841-1901. Added PR indexes for Scotland for Kinsman and Kingsman.
28 Dec 2014:
Continued update of Kinsman Cornwall (AK) tree - 23% complete. Validating Kinman USA tree - 35% complete. From the Cornwall OPC website updated: PR Baptisms; PR Banns. Added wills of James Swaffer [1714]; John Kingsman [1718]; John Laboyteaux [1780]; Adam Smith  [1805]; James McCullough [1805]; Ebeneezer Branham [1809]; all of Pennsylvania.
27 Nov 2014: Continued update of Kinsman Cornwall (AK) tree - 13% complete. Added wills of Elizabeth Symons [1760]; William Symons [1761]; Joanna Symons [1786]; John Symons [1794]; Joseph Kinsman [1845]; James Kinsman [1852]; will and inventory of William Symons [1743]; estate papers of John Lehr [1824, USA]. Started a new tree for Kinman in the USA based on a paternal line donated by Kenneth Kinman. Added photo album for Kinman USA tree. Added family of Craig Kinsman to the SA fragments tree. Updated Cornwall DNA results page.
30 Oct 2014: Added the will of William Kinsman [1689]. From the Cornwall OPC website updated: NC baptisms; Hearth tax; 1641 oath; PR burials. Started update of Kinsman Cornwall (AK) tree - 9% complete.
24 Sep 2014: Added the wills of George Kinsman [1695]; Simon Kinsman [1809]; Francis Kinsman [1824; Matthew Kinsman [1846]]; Richard Kynman [1866]; John Benson [1872]; Mary Ann Benson [1886]; Richard Kingsman [1888]; Henry Langlois [1873]. Added admons of Edward Bayly [1645]; Francis Bayly [1667]; Simon Kinsman [1843]. Revised photo album for Kingsman (Wiltshire). Added Chancery documents about the will of Jasper Kingsman [1704/53]. Added probate index for Kingman.
28 Aug 2014: Added the wills of Richard Kynman [1721]; Richard Kynman [1760]; Thomas Kynman [1762]; William Kynman [1777]; William Kynman [1781]; George Kynman [1782]; Joshua Kynman [1787]; George Kynman [1825]; Thomas Kynman [1840]; Appy Kynman [1852]. Added Admons of William Kynman [1709]; Richard Kynman [1709]. Added Inventories of William Kynman [1709]; William Kynman [1777]. Added letter from Richard Kynman [1708]. Added Indenture by Richard Kynman [1687].
31 Jul 2014: Added GRO indexes for Kynman. Added the wills of James Poplewell [1605]; Robert Poplewell [1623]; Elizabeth Poplewell [1642]; James Poplewell [1652]; David Poplewell [1659]; John [Poplewell [1659]; Humphrey Poplewell [1670]; Jane Poplewell [1670]; John Poplewell [1670]; Thomas Poplewell [1673]; Thomas Poplewell [1737]; Richard Poplewell [1762].
27 Jun 2014: Added PR searches for Lincolnshire. Revised 1841/51/61 census tables to include Kynman. Added 1871/81 census tables for Kinman and Kynman. Added Kynman of Lincolnshire tree.
25 May 2014: Added wills of Richard Fazakerley [1504]; Nicholas Fazakerley [1528]; Anthony Kinnesman [1649]; Leonard Kinesman [1627]; Richard Staley [1686]; Frances Kynnsman [1639]; Dorothy Kinseman [1651]; Francis Kinnesman [1658]; Joseph Kinsman [1662]; John Kinnesman [1664]; Richard Kinnesman [1666]; Harold Kynnesman [1692]; Richard Kingman [1681]; Richard Kynnesman [1660]; Francis Kynnesman [1704]; Arthur Kynnesman [1770]; William Folwell [1614]; John BrownJohn [1633]; Mary Brownjohn [1637]
28 Apr 2014: Added will of Robert Kinman als Hodges [1600]. Updated will search tables. Added 1861 census table for Kinman. Added county searches for Cheshire, Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Nottinghamshire. Updated DNA section with new results, ammended AK tree in line with these. Completed update of Kinman of Oxford/Warwickshire tree.
28 Mar 2014: Added wills of Henry Kinman als Hodges [1630]; Robert Kinman [1661]; Mary Hurd als Kingman [1641]; William Clarke als Kingman [1639]. Updated 1841 census search table, added 1851 census table for Kinman.
Updated Kinman of Oxford/Warwickshire tree - partial update, about 99% complete.
26 Feb 2014: Updated Kinman of Oxford/Warwickshire tree - partial update, about 90% complete.
30 Jan 2014: Added Kent records ex FMP & FR. Added Hertfordshire records ex IGI, FMP & FR. Added Buckinghamshire records ex IGI.
20 Dec 2013: Added London BMB 1538-1812 ex ancestry. Added London baptisms 1813-1906 ex ancestry. Added London marriages 1754-1921 ex ancestry. Added London burials 1813-1980 ex ancestry. Added the will of William Clinch [1705]. Added Militia service records 1806-1915 ex FMP. Added Surrey parish records ex ancestry.
31 Oct 2013: Added Petition of Frances Crudginton [1834]; wills of Richard Kinman [1739], Francis Kinman [1825]. Updated Kinman of Kensington tree adding all census links found to date. Added will of William Rutter [1701]
29 Sep 2013: Added SA Natal marriages ex Family Search; SA references from the SA national archives; Birmingham PR entries ex
31 Aug 2013: Added wills of Caleb Kinsman [1772]; John Blake [1553], John Blake [1545], Thomas Blake [1549], Alice Blake [1566], John Blake [1572], all courtesy of Elizabeth Kipp. Updated Cornwall, Cornwall(AK) and Dorset photo albums.
2 Jul 2013: Added Canadian descendants of Daniel Kinsman and Joanna Smeeth. Added Plymouth BMDs ex fmp.
31 May 2013: Added Lancashire searches source from Liverpool & Manchester data sets. Added Probate index for Kingsman. Updated wills index.
4 May 2013: Added South African index and pages;Added further photos ex Sheila Huntington; Added people (but not indexes) from Lancashire searches.
30 Mar 2013: Updated the will of Mary Ann [Kinsman] Mules [1742]. Started adding photos from Sheila Huntington's album. Updated Kinsman of Cornwall tree.
1 Mar 2013: Added site search function. Added wills of David Kingman [1780]; Dorothea Frances Kingsman [1800]; Rachel Kingsman [1707; Richard Long [1696]; Amos Ferne [1732]; Francis Langston [1713]; Sarah Kingman [1838]; Ruben Kingsman [1664]; Elizabeth Kingsman [1661]; Sarah Kingman [1853]; Mary Ann Richards [1861]; Ann Kinsman [1798]. Added Carlos Richards' branch to Cornwall Kinsman.
26 Dec 2012: Added IGI search for Greater London, updated search indexes for Kent, London, Middlesex and Surrey; . Added wills of  Mary Long [1674]; Benjamin Long [1684]; Dame Theodosia Prettyman [1687].
25 Oct 2012: Added 1850 US census index for Kinsman and Kingsman. Updated Robert the emigrant tree including all Kinsmans from the Kinsman book up to and including the 7th generation. Added wills of Beatrix Lacy [1703]; Thomas Kyngesman [1452]; Thomas Boreman [1673]; Margaret Boreman [1679]. Updated Kinsman Cornwall photo album. Added Apprentice records from the Clothworkers Company.
30 Jun 2012: Added wills and admons of: George Kingman of Buckland Newton [1836]; Thomas Kingman of Hazelbury Bryan [1745]; James Kingman of Holwell [1780]; Admiral Robert Long of Marylebone [1771]; William Long of St Marylebone [1755]; James Long of St Marylebone [1722]; Phillip(a) Long of St Marylebone [1715]; James Long of St Marylebone [1715]
31 May 2012: Added indexed photo albums for Cornwall, Cornwall (AK) and Dorset.
30 Apr 2012: Added IGI Warwickshire. Added Warwickshire BMB 1535-1812; burials 1813-1910 (ex ancestry). Added extracted Essex PRs (Burnham) from HWKing records at ERO. Added wills of John Kinsman (1807); Sara Kingsman (1632); Benjamin Kingsman (1647).
28 Mar 2012: Added IGI Surrey. Added Waterman apprenticeship records ex FMP. Added wills and abstracts of wills provided by David Smart (Frome research web site) of
Robert Smith [1706]; Solomon Kingman [1719]; Margaret Kingman [1722]; Hephzibah Kingman [1736]; James Kingman [1761]; John Kingman [1763]; William Kingman [1767]; Samuel Kingman [1806];
26 Feb 2012: Added wills of: Alice Kinsman of Carshalton[1621] (+new Kinsman Surrey tree); Thomas Kingman of Lympstone [1755]; Henry Kingman of Kenton [1838]; Henry Kingman of Frome [1762; Leah Kingman of Surrey [1790]; Charles Kingman [1705] of London; Christian Kinsman of Poughill [1683]; Ann Kingman of Bath [1815]; Ann Kingman of Mappowder [1664]; Laurence Kingman alias Cooke [1649]; Elizabeth Kingsman of St Botolph [1717]; Jasper Kingsman of the Middle Temple [1686]; John Kingman of Hampstead [1741]; Joseph Kingman stationer of London [1769]; Richard Kingman of Southwark [1811]; Peter Kingman of Weymouth [1849]; Thomas Kingman victualler of Lambeth [1743]. Added inventories of Margery Kinsman [1627];
Christian Kinsman of Poughill [1683]. Completed cross referencing all documents.
20 Jan 2012: Updated site layout, removing frames. Completed updating internal referencing for upgrade to FH4.1. Cross referenced documents for:fragments; essex kingsman; all Kingman trees. Revised all minitree formats, added Loddington and Broughton trees. Updated Kingsman Wiltshire minitree with new lineage for John (=Hannah Simcock). Updated Somerset Kingman tree with information from Andrew (Hank) Kingman in Australia. Added apprentice records and London freemen ex ancestry.
19 Dec 2011: Added the wills of Henry and Thomas Kingman of Weymouth, MA. Revamped Henry Kingman tree.
Added more detail to the Evans family in Australia (descedants of Elizabeth Kingsman) courtesy of Jennifer Grant. Referenced all main pages to FH4.1 indexing.
29 Nov 2011: Amalgamated Kingman of Kent (Lewisham - Barbara Kingman tree) into Kingman of Wiltshire (John Kingman) tree. Added new results to the DNA study pages. Completed moving all trees to FH4. Added early parish records to Kingman of Dorset tree, not yet completed.
30 Oct 2011:
Started a project to cross reference all documents with people named in them, completed this for Kingsman/Wiltshire. Added the wills of John Kingsman (d1656 Devizes, Wiltshire), Mary Hitchcock (d1570 Preshute, Wiltshire), Thomas Kingsman (d1752 St Pauls Cray, Kent) and Mary Kingman (d1909 Bognor, Sussex). Added the inventories of William Smith (d1617), Joan Smith (d1617) , Richard Smith (d1615) [Sue Valliant]. Added the Lancashire Kinsman tree
27 Sep 2011: Added photo album for Kinsman of Cornwall. Added Search for IGI Berkshire. Added photos to Kinsman of Wiltshire tree courtesy of Martin Ward.Updated Kinsman Leicester tree with addition of the Kinsman Lee branch, added three photos to this tree. Added IGI and OPC searches for Dorset, updated Dorset tree.
26 Aug 2011: Added Boyds Marriage Index, Non-Conformist Register Index, IGI Gloucestershire. Reconfigured Kent, London, Middlesex and Surrey search indices. Added Australian branch of the John Kingman tree together with a new photo album. Started upgrading from FTW to FH4.
29 July 2011: Added Sussex index and Sussex Kingman tree. Revised presentation of County searches to map based system.
1 July 2011: Added wills of Richard Batt of Devizes; John Batt of Devizes; witness statement of Phillip Kingsman (1705) (tr by Sue Valliant). Added the Chancery case of William Long Kingsman (1800), will of Thomas Kinman (1783), will of Solomon Debnam of Frome (1694) (tr by DW), will of Roger Kingman (1647), will and inventory of Robert Kingman (1700), will and inventory of Thomas Kinsman (1697) (tr by FW). Added IGI Bedfordshire, Essex, Hampshire and Kent to searches, updated Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire indexes.
31 May 2011: Updated Wiltshire Kinsman tree, added minitree and links to searches. Added wills of Geoffrey Daniel of Preshute; Thomas Stevens of Overton; Thomas Erneley of Brembridge (tr by Sue Valliant); Giles Franklin of Wroughton; James Franklin of East Kennett; Wynifrith Francklen of Marlborough (tr by DW).
06 May 2011: Added indexes for Wilsthire PRs. Updated trees with this new data.
28 March 2011: Added the wills of William Smith of Overton; Joan Smith widow of Overton; Richard Smith of Overton; Richard Franklin of East Kennet (will and inquisition); Richard Franklyn settlement with Robert Kingsman (1588); John Hayes of Overton, admon and inventory (1635); Phillip Kingsman marriage settlement (1668); all courtesy of Sue Valliant. Added the wills of Francis Reade of Devizes; John Kingsman of Devizes; John Kingman of Hinton. Added the Franklin line to the Kingsman family tree. Added the apprenticehip index to the searches.
04 March 2011: Added Devon family History searches, FreeReg and IGI searches for Devon to Indexes. Updated AK tree, Cornwall tree, Devon Kinsman tree, Devon Kingman tree, Dorset Kingman tree, Somerset Kingsman tree.
06 Feb 2011:Changed documents list to table format. Added the admon and inventory of Robert Kingsman (1669); Richard Kingsman (1682) courtesy of Sue Valliant. Added the wills of Richard Kingsman, 1704; Elizabeth Kingsman, 1744; Anne Kingsman, 1684; Jane Kingsman, 1720; Sarah Kingsman, 1752. Moved USA John Kingsman to Kingsman-Wiltshire tree.
21 Jan 2011:Added the wills of Ann [Long] Kingsman (1758),  Alice Kingsman (1635) and Phillip Kingsman (1675) courtesy of Sue Valiant. Added wills of John Scattergood, 1719; William Kingsman, 1737; Thomas Kingsman of Barnards Inn, 1740; Alice Kingsman of St James, Westminster, 1744; Thomas Kingsman, 1752; John Kingsman of Brompton, 1846.
10 Jan 2011: Changed format of site to use frames and side bars. Added 55 picture links to Kingsman (England) and photo album, from Drusilla Kingsman and Jennifer Grant.
7 Dec 2010: Added searches for Somerset RDs ex IGI, FreeReg and SFHS. Updated Somerset Kingman tree. Added Devon Kinsman section. Added Search index for transcripts of London PR marriages for Kingsman.
30 Sep 2010 : Updated Cornwall wills searches and links. Updated Cornwall Kinsman trees. Updated Kingman of Kent tree. Updated Kingsman of England tree. Added photos of Austalian lines courtesy of Denise Brady. Updated Somerset Kingman tree. Updated Wiltshire Kinsman tree.
1 Sep 2010:Added further parish searches within the Clutton RD of Somerset. Added 1841 England and Wales census. Updated Leicestershire Kinsman tree.
28 Jun 2010: Added search results from Farrington Gurney (Somerset). Started revision of Somerset search presentation to new format. 
6 Jun 2010:Added Maps section. Added Lamerton parish records from OPC to Cornwall Kinsman tree. Started revision of Devon searches with Tavistock RD.

1 Apr 2010:Completed extraction of Cornwall BMD data from FindMyPast website.Revised presentation of Cornwall search results into registration distrcicts. Impleted new table filter/sort mechanism. Updated Cornwall and AK files.
4 Mar 2010: Completed abstractions of Cornwall records from IGI and OPC.  Updated Cornwall and AK trees. Kingsman fragment in Australia linked to Kinsman immigrant from Cornwall with name change.
03 Feb 2010: Added wills of Andrew Kinsman (1832); John Kinsman (1636); Andrew Kinsman (1790); Nathaniel Kinsman (1637); Mary Ann Mules (1842); John Kinsman (1797); Nicholas Kinsman (1678); Robert Jope (1761). Added Admons of Hugh Mallett Kinsman (1848); Andrew Kinsman (1840); Joanna Kinsman (1840); Jane Kinsman (1832); Andrew Kinsman (1867). Added OPC data for Gwennap, Cornwall.
4 Dec 2009: Added wills of: Alice [Mayo] Kinsman (1618); Elizabeth [Jope] Kinsman (1813); John Kinsman (1691); William Kinsman (1744); Richard Kinsman (1618); John Kinsman (1702); John Kinsman (1631). Updated Andrew Kinsman tree with new links and observations arising.
24 Nov 09: Updated AK (Cornwall Kinsman) tree with will data. Added will of Richard Kinsman of Kilkhampton 1675. Updated Cornish Kinsman trees with parish record data, added searches for Falmouth and Redruth. Bulford (Wiltshire) Kinsman tree separated from fragments file and indexed separately.
03 Oct 09: Added searches of London Baptisms and Burials for Kingsman ex ancestry transcriptions. Updated Cornish Kinsman lines.
18 Sep 09: Further update to Cornish Kinsman lines with emigrant descendant trees added.
22 Aug 09: Added more data from Gwennap and Redruth searches to Cornwall Kinsman trees.
15 Aug 09: Added another Cornish Kinsman tree. Added searches and minitrees for Cuby and Gwennap. Added futher Kinman families from the Tysoe area.
31 Jul 09: Updated Ireland section. Updated Cornish and Canadian Kinsman lines. Added Cornwall wills and 1569 muster.
19 Jul 09: Updated England pages and changed directory structure. Added more Canadian Kinsman lines to the Cornish tree. Now
reporting Canadian totals separately. Updated the Essex line with data from ERO searches. Separated the line of Gideon Kingman from Somerset out of the Fragments file.
02 Jul 09: Added Australian fragments; added to the Kinman (Warwickshire) tree; added several Canadian Kinsman descendants
26 Jun 09: Added search and minitree for Stone Easton, Somerset.  Separated US Kinsman/Kingman/Kingsman trees.

23 Jun 09: Added Kinman pages.  Minitree for Kensington Kinman.
09 Jun 09: Added searches and minitrees for Clovelly, Hartland, Stratton and Launcells.

27 May 09: Added Outline tree section, added several parish searches from Devon and Somerset.
01 May 09: Updated Scotland and Ireland pages following contacts from descendants of these lines.
08 Apr 09: Updated Poundstock files. Added Kilkhampton parish records.
16 Mar 09: Added Photos to Asa Kinsman tree. Updated USA - Robert Kinsman descendants from Kinsman family book - complete to 5th generation.
06 Mar 09: Updated Kingsman England and Ireland, John Kingman and Poundstock files. Added Broughton parish records.
02 Feb 09: Added Morwenstow to parish searches. Incorporated this data into the Poundstock tree pages.
23 Jan 09: Added Poughill to parish searches. Incorporated this data into the Poundstock tree pages.
16 Jan 09: Added Jacobstow, Whitstone, Marhamchurch, Launcells and Stratton to parish searches. Incorporated this data into the Poundstock tree pages.
12 Jan 09: Added Poundstock and Week St Mary to parish searches.
09 Jan 09: Added IGI Leicestershire to search index. Added Leicester Kinsman tree.
27 Dec 08: Added IGI Oxfordshire to search index.
19 Dec 08: Added Canada section. Added further names and links in the Kinsman trees.
14 Dec 08: Added more entries to the fragments section. Started search indexes with St Dunstan in the West.
10 Dec 08: Added a new section for Kinsman trees with the first tree that of John Kinsman b1786
05 Dec 08: Updated the Irish section, added a new section of Fragmentary trees
21 Nov 08: Added the first generations of three families of emigrants to the USA, Robert the emigrant, John = Hannah Simcock, Henry = Joanna Drake
17 Nov 08: Added the Ship and Mordecai lines in full. Added further detail to the Australian family of William George Frederick Kingsman b 1892 in London
29 Oct 08: Updated the Australian family of William George Frederick Kingsman b 1892 in London
21 Oct 08: Added the possible link of Robert Kingsman b abt 1530, to the family of Kinsman of Northamptonshire
21 Oct 08: Added the Kingman descendants of John Kingman (Kyngesman) of South Newton, b abt 1477
21 Oct 08: Added the families of Simon Kynesman b abt 1370
06 Oct 08: Added the descendants of Thomas Kingsman b 1717, great-grandson of Phillip (1600), who was rector of Botley
06 Oct 08: Added photos, one will and the descendants of Thomas Kingsman b 1679, grandson of Phillip (1600), who became a vintner
30 Sep 08: Added translations of eleven wills.
26 Sep 08: Descendants of Elizabeth Kingsman b 1681, grand-daughter of Phillip (1600), who married Samuel Baskett
23 Sep 08: Robert Kingsman (sen) of Overton b abt 1520, father of Robert (1567)
23 Sep 08: Added photos of Rosina [Kingsman] Radford and family
15 Sep 08: Robert Kingsman (jnr) of Overton b abt 1567, father of Phillip (1600)
22 Jun 08: William Kingsman the turner all known descendants, and his ancestors as far as Phillip Kingsman of Leigh Delamere (b1600)
26 Apr 08: Edward Kingsman (b1781) (s/o William) and the first half of his descendants
11 Feb 08: John Valentine Kingsman (b1778) (s/o William) and all known descendants
29 Jan 08: James Kingsman (b1775) (s/o William) and all known descendants
28 Jan 08: Created the American page, linked to George Kingsman b 1836, who emigrated about 1868
24 Jan 08: Created the Australian page, linked to Elizabeth Kingsman who emigrated in 1841, and her sister Mary Kingsman who emigrated in 1842.
20 Jan 08: William Kingsman (b1745) and 2 generations of descendants
20 Jan 08: Started the main [Kingsman Wilstshire] database
15 Jan 08: Created the Essex page
08 Jan 08: Created the Ireland page
08 Jan 08: Created the Scotland page