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Links to Photo albums

This is a set of links to the collections of photographs that have been donated of and about various members of the Kingsman/Kingman/Kinsman/Kinman families through the ages. 

If you have any photos or documents that could be added to improve this website then please get in touch with me via the e-mail link on the front page.

Links to albums:

Kingsman of England (Wiltshire)

John Kingeman of Wiltshire

Kingman of Dorset

Kinsman of Cornwall (Tavistock and Redruth)

Kinsman of Cornwall (Bude)

Kinsman of Scotland

Asa Kinsman of New York

Kinman of Kensington

Kinman of Warwickshire

Kynman of Lincolnshire

Kinman of Pennsylvania, USA

Links to tables and trees:

Henry Kingman - emigrant to America c1635

Last updated 26 February 2014