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Kinsman Families in Devon in the early 1700s

Source data:

Oathes of Allegiance.

The 1723 Oath Act stated that all persons aged eighteen years and above ‘not having already taken the Oaths appointed in and by an Act made in the first year of his Majesty’s Reign’ must now swear’.

Under the 1715 Oath Act only certain officeholders were required to take the oaths.
Devon Freeholders 1711-1799

With certain exceptions, the qualification from 1692 until 1730 was to own freehold or copyhold land with an annual value of £10 or more. After 1730, tenants of land worth £20 per year held on long leases were also eligible. The lists available cover the period 1711 to 1799.

This map shows location of individuals only, not the number of people.