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Kinsman diffusion map for Cornwall

Kilkhampton tree Tavistock and Redruth trees

There are at least two distinct families of Kinsman in Cornwall, those from around Kilkhampton and those originating around Tavistock. There is obvisouly some crossover between these two lines as time progresses, but only these two centers had Kinsman families living there in the early 1500s.
There is a DNA marker for the Kilkhampton line, but none yet for the Tavistock line - it remains possible that the two lines share a common ancestor.
A third line appears in the Redruth area in the 1600s (William Kinsman who married Florence Woolock in Cuby). There is a DNA marker for this line, which is totally distinct from that of Kilkhampton. This DNA marker shows a high degree of correspondence with a family of Pafford in the USA. The roots of this Pafford family have not been discovered, but it may be more than coincidence that a Pafford line was already established in the Redruth area at the same time that William Kinsman appeared there.