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Kinsman of Lancashire

Kinsman Families

Two Kinsman families found around Liverpool in the Victorian census years trace back to a William Kinsman born in 1805 and an Edward Kinsman born about 1800.  These two are shown here to be brothers, but no definitive proof of that has yet been found. According to the parish records William was the son of Edward Kindsman and Grace nee Hirron, baptised in January 1806 at St Nicholas, Liverpool. These same parish records contain no other entries for any analogue of the Kinsman name, there is no entry for an Edward Kinsman apart from as the father of this William.

The implication of this is that either Edward (c1800) and William (1805) are not related, or that Edward and Grace had moved into that parish from elsewhere.

Based on William being born in 1805, Edward's yob is most likely to be around 1780. He could be significantly older than that, but is unlikely to be much younger. Searches have so far revealed only one Edward Kinsman of approximately the right age and with no obvious future history to be the Edward at the head of this tree. This is Edward Kinsman of Woolfardisworthy, Devon, baptised there in 1783.

A DNA profile exists for this line of Edward Kinsman of Woolfardisworthy, but no volunteer has yet been found for this Liverpool branch. If you are interested in joining this DNA study, then please contact me via the link on the front page.

This section contains records on 99 individuals, cross-referenced to 8 sources.

Key Individuals:
DNA comments:
There is no DNA marker for this line yet. Any male Kinsman descendant of this line would be most welcome and would help to determine how this tree links with the other Kinsman lines.

Section last updated 28 February 2016

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