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Kinsman families

This section contains family trees relating to various Kinsman families.

In the main, these come from trees that have been researched by others and kindly copied to me - for which my thanks to each and all of them. I have tried to add to these trees wherever I have found new data that improves the detail or adds linkages. As ever, any contributions and comments are most welcome.

If you have a Kinsman tree that you would like to add to the database, I'd love to have it here.

Northamptonshire Simon Kynnesman was born about 1370. MP for Northamptonshire in 1420. Sheriff of Northamptonshire in 1422. Held the Manor of Loddington. Died about 1450, and has a previously reported pedigree back to the 1300s. There is also a suggestion of a link to the even older family of Baude, but this has not been proved.

This line was previously thought to have died out in the 17th century, but a link has now been found into modern times via a branch that settled in Leicestershire.

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Cornwall 1 John Kinsman was born about 1790 in Poundstock, Cornwall. This is the family tree of Andrew and Dennis Kinsman, contributed by Andrew. It might also be referred to as being the Kilkhampton Kinsman tree as that is the town around which this tree originally centers.

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Cornwall 2 Many Kinsman families originate in Cornwall and several of these emigrated, mainly to Canada and Australia.  Research to date suggests that there are three separate parental trees in this area, that of John Kinsman of Poundstock centered originally on Kilkhampton (above), another centered near Tavistock and a third near Truro.

There are several partial trees too which have not yet been linked to these larger parental trees.

We currently have DNA markers for two of these parental trees, but not yet for the Tavistock line.

DNA results Outline Tree
Devon Kinsman families from around Tavistock are included in the Cornish trees above, similarly those from the north west corner of the county are included in the tree of John Kinsman from Poundstock to whom they are related. This small section contains trees that have not been proved to connect to either of these larger groupings.

Lancashire Two Kinsman families found around Liverpool in the Victorian census years trace back to a William Kinsman born in 1805 and an Edward Kinsman born about 1800.  These two are shown here to be brothers, but no definitive proof of that has yet been found. According to the parish records William was the son of Edward Kindsman and Grace nee Hirron, baptised in January 1806 at St Nicholas, Liverpool. These same parish records contain no other entries for any analogue of the Kinsman name, there is no entry for an Edward Kinsman apart from as the father of this William.

Leicestershire This tree is derived initially from a study of the Kin(g)(s)man entries on the IGI for the County of Leicestershire. Further work has shown that this line continues back from Leicestershire and has it's roots in the tree of Simon Kynnesman in neighbourign Northamptonshire. These two trees are now amalgamated.
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Wiltshire (Highworth) There is a large family of Kinsman in the USA who all descend from a Robert Kinsman who emigrated there in 1634. Examination of all records now available indicate that this Robert was almost certainly from the family of Kinsman in Highworth, Wiltshire. This is his tree. We would really like a DNA volunteer from this branch to help resolve the earlier links in this family.

Wiltshire (Bulford) This is a single small tree (about 130 people) which originates with Bryant Kingsman in Rushall in the mid 1600s. The surname appears to change in all branches two generations later, associated with a change in location. The family was at it's largest in Bulford in the 1700s. There are possibly still male Kinsman descendants of this line alive today who could help resolve the family's origin by DNA testing.

Surrey This is a very small (3 generation) tree brought about as a result of transcribing the will of Alice Kinsman of Carshalton. This Kinsman line starts in the mid 1500s and seems to daughter out in the 1600s.

Scotland So far, all Kinsmans found who have an origin in Scotland appear to be of a single origin on the North coast of Fife, in the region of Adbie. There are 6 Kinsmans who were living in that area with birth dates around 1635-1645. No baptisms have been found yet, but it appears logical that they have a single ancestral line, from either a common father or grandfather.

Asa KINSMAN Asa Kinsman was born about 1820 in New York, USA. Possibly descended from Robert Kinsman above, definitely related to the Kingsman family of Overton, Wiltshire as proved by DNA tracing. This is the family tree of Barry and Mary Jo Neyer, contributed by Mary Jo.

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