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Kinsman families of Devon

Kinsman Families

Kinsman families from around Tavistock are included in the Cornish trees, similarly those from the north west corner of the county are included in the tree of John Kinsman from Poundstock to whom they are related. This small section contains mainly a tree of Kinsmans from the Totnes area of Devon. A logical set of connections traces these Totnes Kinsman back to a single family living in Buckfastleigh in the late 1600s, but it does suffer from lack of records to confirm the links. Several of this family moved from Devon to the Midlands in the Victorian era.

It is possible that this tree also links back into one of the Kinsman lines from southern Cornwall. yDNA evidence is probably the only way that we will ever confirm this, but at present we have no donors.

There are also some small "twiglets" rather than tree included here. Three are from the Exeter area in the 1600s and are most likely related to each other, but perhaps not to the other tree here. 

One is from South Tawton in the 1500s. South tawton is on the northern edge of Dartmoor, Buckfastleigh to the south. This family is possibly ancestral to the Totnes tree and may also represent a migration route of a spur of the much larger Kinsman family from the Bude area of Cornwall with a unique C haplogroup.

The last twiglet is from Stoke Damerel in the mid 1700s and could be a spur from the Totnes family, or from the southern Cornwall families.

This section contains records on 262 individuals, cross references to 95 sources with 8 links to images.

Key Individuals:   (emigrants)

Thomas KINSMAN Baptised in Dartington in 1743, married Mary Holwell (or Holwill) and lived in Totnes
Thomas KINSMAN G3 grandson of Thomas (above). Born in Earlestown, Lancashire. Emigrated to Canada in 1912 and lived in Edmonton, Alberta. Canada
Louisa KINSMAN G1 granddaughter of Thomas (above). Born in Totnes, Devon. Emigrated to New Zealand in the early 1870s and married John DEELEY there in 1874. Lived in Palmerston North. New Zealand
Henry KINSMAN G1 grandson of Thomas (above). Born in Minehead, Somerset. Married to Annie HILL. Moved with his family to Northern Ireland at the time of the 1911 census. No further confirmed records of him or his family in the mainland UK. Ireland?

Thomas KYNSMAN Born c1550. Married Mary Ascotte and lived in South Tawton

Lewes KYNGSMAN Born c1575. Married Grace EVANS and lived in Exeter
Peter KINSMAN Born c1630. Married Margaret PENNIE and lived in Exeter
William KINSMAN Born c1645. Married Julia MANN and lived in Exeter

William KINSMAN Born c1755. Married Hannah EVANS and lived in Stoke Damerel

DNA comments:

There is no DNA marker for this line yet. Any male Kinsman descendant of this line would be most welcome and would help to determine how this tree links with the other Kinsman lines.

Last updated 8 April 2018

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