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18281,2 - 23rd Sep 1885


Life History


Born in Trevevan, Cornwall.1,2

17th Mar 1828

Baptised in Gwennap, Cornwall.3

s/o William and Anne, miner of Trevevan

6th Jun 1841

Recorded in census in Gwennap, Cornwall (Chapel Street).1

9th Dec 1849

Publication of banns of marriage to Catherine BRAY in Gwennap, Cornwall.8

Banns were read for John Kinsman, bachelor otp, and Catherine Bray, spinster otp, on 9/16/23 December

24th Dec 1849

Married Catherine BRAY in Redruth, Cornwall.11

30th Mar 1851

Occupation Miner in Gwennap, Cornwall.2

30th Mar 1851

Recorded in census in Gwennap, Cornwall (Simmons Street).2

3rd May 1851

Birth of daughter Catherine Bray KINSMAN in Poldice, St Day.4,9

15th Jan 1853

Birth of daughter Mary Anne KINSMAN in Poldice, St Day.4,9

20th Dec 1854

Birth of son William Alexander KINSMAN in Poldice, St Day.4,10

10th Jun 1856

Birth of daughter Elizabeth Jane KINSMAN in Gwennap, Cornwall.4

11th Nov 1859

Birth of son John KINSMAN in Gwennap, Cornwall.4


Resident in Wheal Jewel, Gwennap.4

3rd Jan 1862

Birth of daughter Ellen KINSMAN in Redruth, Cornwall

29th Jun 1863

Birth of daughter Emily KINSMAN in Carnmarth, Gwennap.9

Sep 1864

Birth of daughter Charlotte KINSMAN in Redruth, Cornwall

17th Jan 1866

Birth of daughter Edith C KINSMAN in ,,England

23rd Jul 1866

Immigrated to New York, New York, USA.5

Malta, ex Liverpool, aged 34


Occupation Farmer in Colusa Co., California, USA (Colusa).6

Aged 40, born in England
Naturalised 25 Apr 1871, Colusa County

25th Apr 1871

Naturalized in Colusa Co., California, USA.6

3rd Dec 1871

Birth of daughter Annie KINSMAN in ,Pennsylvania, USA


Occupation Farmer in Tehama Co., California, USA (Red Bluff).6

Aged 40, born in England

23rd Oct 1875

Death of daughter Edith C KINSMAN in Storey Co., Nevada, USA


Occupation Farmer in Tehama Co., California, USA (South Red Bluff).6

Aged 52, born in England

23rd Feb 1883

Death of son William Alexander KINSMAN in Tombstone, Arizona, USA

23rd Sep 1885

Died in San Francisco, California, USA

27th Sep 1885

Buried in San Francisco, California, USA.7

Died in San Francisco, originally buried at International Order of Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F.) Cemetery in San Francisco. His family re-interred John to Greenlawn Memorial Park Cemetery, Colma, San Mateo County, California.


Occupation Farmer in Tehama Co., California, USA (South Red Bluff).6

Aged 60, born in England
Naturalised 25 Apr 1871, Colusa County


  • West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser, (Oct 1855):

    ANN KINSMAN, 40, and ELIZABETH ANDREWARTHA, 27, were charged with feloniously receiving a brass clack seat, knowing it to have been stolen by JOHN KINSMAN or by some other evil-disposed person. Mr. SHILSON conducted the prosecution; Mr. BENNALLACK defended the prisoner Kinsman.

    - JAMES NANCARROW, captain of Wheal Jewel mine, in Gwennap, missed from that mine, about the 27th of July, a brass clack seat, which had been usually kept in the pitman's house. That house was always kept locked. Saw the seat again about 12th August, at Redruth, in the possession of the constable NICHOLLS. Recognised it by a piece of copper let into the top of the seat. The seat was broken into, perhaps, one hundred pieces which the witness fitted together, and formed the principal part of the clack seat. The seat was the property of the adventurers of Wheal Jewel.

    - JOHN MARTIN, pitman at Wheal Jewel, had the care of the pitman's house in which the materials were kept. [testified much the same as previous witness.] He got the pattern from which the clack seat had been cast, and found the pieces corresponded exactly.

    - WILLIAM NICHOLLS, constable of Redruth, on the 8th of August, searched the house of RICHARD ANEAR, dealer in old materials at Redruth, and found some peices of brass there, among pieces of iron and rags. The rags seemed to be bagged up, fit to be sent off. (Witness produced a number of pieces of brass which he had found at Anear's. They were put together by the pitman, and nearly formed a clack seat.)

    - WALTER MORCOM, assistant engineer at Wheal Jewel, identified a piece of brass, by some copper which he had led into a hole worn by the corroding nature of the water in the mine.

    - JOHN PENBERTHY, constable at Redruth, on the 19th of August, apprehended the prisoner Andrewartha. On the following day, she told him that she would not bear the burden of other parties - that the brass was brought to her by the elder Kinsman, whose son John had stolen the brass from the pitman's house at Wheal Jewel, and that Kinsman and her daughter persuaded her to go with them to JAMES MOYLE's. She also said that they sold the brass, and that she, Andrewartha, received the money and gave it to the older prisoner.

    - JAMES MOYLE stated that the two prisoners came in to him at Redruth one evening. Andrewartha, alone, had spoken to him in the early part of the day, telling him that she had about half a cwt., of metal to sell. He told her the could not take it then; he must go to "the Bank" for money. By "the bank" he meant Anear's, the man who used to take the metal. In the evening, Andrewartha came to his dwelling-house, and afterwards he saw both prisoners at the store-house. They brought some brass for sale, including that now produced. It was weighed, and witness paid 14s. for it to Kinsman, saying "I suppose it is no difference to which I give the money; I suppose it is between you." When the brass was brought to him, it was all in one piece. He left it in the storeroom for three days; and then, having told Anear of what he had, carried it to Anear's house. Whilst witness had it in his possession, he took particular notice of a small notch in the side, and by that, he was enabled to swear to it.

    CROSS-EXAMINED: Believes it was mentioned that if he would come here to give evidence he was to be a freed man.

    Mr. BENNALLACK, for the prisoner Kinsman, urged upon the jury that there was no evidence at all against her, except the uncorroborated testimony of the approver, Moyle. Verdict, GUILTY of selling a brass clack seat, stolen by some evil-disposed person. Each, Two Months' hard labour. (23 Oct 1855)

  • In 1876 John and Catherine owned the Globe Hotel in Virginia City, Nevada, which caught on fire in the laundry room and burned down the hotel and 15 buildings around it. In 1880 John and his two sons, Billy and John Jr. moved to Tombstone Village, Pima (now Cochise County) Arizona and worked in the silver mines. He then moved to San Francisco, California where he died on September 23, 1885.

    John was originally buried at the International Order of Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F.) Cemetery, Section: California Tier: 5, Lot 30, in San Francisco California. In 1935 John's family re-interred him to Greenlawn Memorial Park Cemetery, Colma, San Mateo County, California. There is no gravestone. His son Billy, who died in 1883 was also re-interred to Greenlawn Memorial Park Cemetery. There is no gravestone, only a burial memorial placed at the cemetery.

    [Nanette Russo, posted at findagrave.com]


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