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William Henry KINSMAN

24th Mar 18371,2,3,4 - 28th Apr 19259

House decorator7

Life History

24th Mar 1837

Born in Madron, Cornwall.1,2,3,4

14th May 1837

Baptised in Gulval, Cornwall.5

s/o Josiah and Ann, painter of Chyandower

6th Jun 1841

Recorded in census in Madron, Cornwall (Coombe).1

30th Mar 1851

Occupation Apprentice Baker in Madron, Cornwall (North Street).4

30th Mar 1851

Recorded in census in Madron, Cornwall (Chyandour).2

30th Mar 1851

Recorded in census in Madron, Cornwall (North Street).4

7th Apr 1861

Occupation Painter in Madron, Cornwall.3

7th Apr 1861

Recorded in census in Madron, Cornwall (Leskinnick Street).3

28th Jul 1861

Married Emma BERRYMAN in Madron, Cornwall.5

At Madon, on Sunday, by the Rev J Armstrong, Mr William Henry Kinsman, painter, to Emma, daughter of Mr A Berryman, builder, both of Penzance.
William Henry KINSMAN, aged 25, a bachelor, a painter of Penzance. Son of Josiah KINSMAN, a painter.  EMMA BERRYMAN, aged 28, a spinster of Penzance. Daughter of Alexander BERRYMAN, a builder. After Banns and both signed.  The witnesses were Fred A Cocks and Elizabeth Jenkins.


Birth of son William Henry KINSMAN in Penzance, Cornwall.6


Birth of son Josiah James KINSMAN in Penzance, Cornwall

4th May 1864

Death of son Josiah James KINSMAN in Penzance, Cornwall.12


Birth of son Josiah KINSMAN in Penzance, Cornwall.6


Birth of daughter Emma KINSMAN in Penzance, Cornwall.6


Birth of daughter Ada KINSMAN in Penzance, Cornwall.6


Birth of daughter Jane KINSMAN in Penzance, Cornwall.6


Birth of daughter Mary KINSMAN in Penzance, Cornwall.6


Occupation House painter.6


Resident in Penzance, Cornwall (26 Clarence Street).6

16th Jul 1872

Birth of son Hugh Penberthy KINSMAN in Penzance, Cornwall.7

27th Nov 1873

Death of Emma BERRYMAN in Penzance, Cornwall.15

11th Aug 1874

Married Sarah Catherine PENBERTHY in Gulval, Cornwall.16,5

William Henry KINSMAN, of Full age, a House Decorator of Penzance, son of Josiah Kinsman, a Painter, married Sarah Catherine PENBERTHY, of Full age, of Gulval, daughter of Isaac Penberthy, a Mine Agent by licence.

The witnesses were John Perry and John George Mitchurson.


Death of daughter Mary KINSMAN in Penzance, Cornwall


Occupation House decorator.7


Resident in Queen Square, Penzance.7



26th Dec 1891

Death of daughter Jane KINSMAN in Durban, Natal, South Africa.14


Emigrated from Penzance, Cornwall

Mr William Henry Kinsman, of Morrah Road, Penzance, left on Friday for Durban, Natal, and will probably be away for a few months.

21st Nov 1915

Death of Sarah Catherine PENBERTHY in Durban, Natal, South Africa

23rd Jun 1918

Death of daughter Ada KINSMAN in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.13

11th Nov 1924

Wrote will in Durban, Natal, South Africa (Belgrave Hotel).8


Probate in Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa.10


28th Apr 1925

Died in Durban, Natal, South Africa (Addington Hosptial).9

Bacilliary Dysentry
Aged 88, born Cornwall s/o Josiah and Ann Kinsman. Merchant.
First wife Emma, died about 50 years ago.
Second wife, Sarah Catherine, died 21 Nov 1915
Living at the Belgrave Hotel, West Street, Durban.
Father of:
William Henry Kinsman; Josiah Kisman; Emma Mair nee Kinsman; Ada Kinsman; Jane Kinsman; Mary Kinsman; Hugh Penberthy Kinsman

29th Apr 1925

Buried in Durban, Natal, South Africa (West Street Cemetery).11

Aged 88


  • From:
    Graham B. Dickason
    The Cousin Jacks contribution to the development of mining & commerce / 1820 - 1920

    Kinsman, William Henry (son of Willam Kinsman [sic], painter and glazier, Penzance) Painter, Queen Square, Penzance 18 years; Went to Durban, Natal, 20 Apl 1882; House decorator at Berea Road, Durban 1882, m (1) a daughter of Alexander Berryman, m (2) Miss Penberthy who is related to Henry Irving Brodribb.
  • A South African Visitor

    Mr W H Kinsman Talks about our Go-ahead Colonies

    [The Cornishman, 3 Sep 1891]

    After more than ten years residence at Durban, in Natal, Mr William Henry Kinsman has returned to Cornwall, to visit the friends and the scenes of his youth, and to enlighten us about the land of gold and diamonds to which, for years past, Cornishmen have been hastening: filled with feverish anxiety to amass fortunes with little labour.

    Mr Kinsman leaves England again in a few days to return to his African home, but we are able to lay before our readers and interesting interview which a representative of the Cornishman has had with him, in which he gives a clear statement of the position of South African affairs, with remarks on the state of the labour market, which will be of service to restless Cornish men and women who turn their eyes longingly towards this ne El Dorado across the seas. As a painter and decorator, Mr Kinsman was well known to Penzance people for many years, when he carried on business where the Cornish bank now stands. His second wife is a cousin of Henry Irving and a sister of Captain John Penberthy; and, as an amateur actress, Mrs Kinsman many times faced the footlights in front of Penzance audiences. Those who have seen Mr Kinsman?s commanding and robust figure since his return consider that physically he was none the worse for his sojourn in the sub-tropical climate of Natal; and that, like many other travellers, the brigtness, activity, and alertness of his intellect have been developed and intensified by his changed environment. Mr Kinsman has visited America, Scotland, France, Belgium and oth continental countries, and is as keen an observer as he is an entertaining and instructive conversationalist. He has established a good business in Natal, which is managed by his son in his absence, and he has carried out a number of government contracts. His comprehensive grasp of African subjects is partly the cause of his having taken an active part in the management of that portion of South Africa in which he now resides...
  • Death of Mr W H Kinsman

    Formerly of Penzance

    [The Cornishman, May 27 1925]

    News has reached Penzance of the death of Mr William Henry Kinsman, which occurred at Durban, South Africa, on April 26th.

    The late Mr Kinsman was a native of Penzance, where he was in business at Queen Square as a painter and decorator. In 1882 he went to South Africa, where he remained for some twenty years. He then returned to Penzance, accompanied by Mrs Kinsman, and for a time lived at Antoine, Newlyn, which he purchased, but later sold this residence and came into Penzance. After a year or two, business affairs recalled him to South Africa.

    Mr Kinsman married Miss Berryman, a daughter of Mr Alexander Berryman, who died at Penzance some forty five years ago, leaving a young family. His second wife was Miss Penberthy, daughter of Capt. and Mrs Penberthy, of Halsetown, and a cousin of Sir Henry Irving. She died at Durban about ten years ago.

    In the days of the Penzance Amateur Dramatic Society, both Mr and Mrs Kinsman were prominent members. One of the most successful plays staged was "Black Eyed Susan" Mrs Kinsman taking the title role, and, we believe, Mr Kinsman appeared on that occasion as the Admiral.

    Mr Kinsman was in Natal at the time of the Boer War, when General Sir Redvers Buller was very popular in that Colony, and a presentation committee was formed which raised funds for the purchase of a sword of honour. As chairman of that committee, Mr Kinsman made the presentation to the gallant West Country General.

    For a great many years Mr Kinsman was identified with the "Queens Own" Lodge of the Independent Order of Oddfellows, Penzance.

    He was also one of the first to join the Volunteer movement in Penzance, becoming a member of the DRCV. He signed his papers on the same date as the late Mr James Caldwell.

    He was 88 years of age.

    The funeral took place at Durban on Wednesday, April 29th.

    The funeral of the late Mr W H Kinsman, who had exceeded the allotted span by 18 years, took place in the General cemetery, Durban, Natal, on Wednesday, April 29. The Rev Canon Hodson read the beautiful service.

    Those present included Mrs Mair (daughter), the Rev. R P Rodgers (vicar of Estcourt), Messrs J Archibald, W H Kinsman and H P Kinsman (sons), and Messrs Clarence Kinsman, Denbigh Kinsman, Frank Chaplin and R Mair (grandsons).

    Amongst others present were Messrs Frank Howe, Walter Marriott, W J Heirons, G Allen, J Moss-Agg, W G Leech, Mrs F M Leech, Miss L Leech, Mrs W R Robertson, Messrs J T Grainger, H Bird, W Parry Brown, H Lister, and T Tuckett.

    There was a large number of floral tributes.

  • From Pam Bates, January 2014:

    A cousin in South Africa has WHK?s Estate papers, which indicate he died in Durban?s Addington Hospital of Bacillary Dysentery. His decorating and painting business was on the corner of West Street and School Lane. I?m led to believe that the Kinsman family was very wealthy. (The tract of land he owned at Sea View was large - the house is still there but looking decidedly worse for wear apparently, and perhaps the land was cut up long ago.) My cousin writes "He basically died a pauper, and had been living in the Belgrave Hotel on West Street, Durban".

    If that is true, then why will remain a mystery, perhaps he was philanthropic and dispersed his funds before his death. He?d been a member of the Odd Fellows Society, who it appears paid out money from the Estate to a woman who had been looking after the old man. Grandson Clarence Kinsman disputed this and demanded the cost of the funeral be reimbursed.


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