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Family Tree of Asa Kinsman of New York

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This part of the Kinsman history is derived from a tree researched by Mary Jo and Barry Neyer, who kindly shared their tree and source information with me. Mary Jo is descended from this Asa Kinsman, who was born about 1820 in New York.  Little is known about his father except that his name was also Asa and he died in New York in 1820.

It is now proven that this tree descends from a branch of that of Robert the immigrant who settled in Ipswich, Massachusetts in 1634. The most probable identity for this Robert is that he is the son of Roger Kinsman of Highworth, Wiltshire, born there in 1589 and disappearing from that parish after 1632.

A DNA profile exists for the male line of the descendants of Asa Kinsman and anyone wishing to add their DNA and compare results would be very welcome to do so.  Contact details for doing this are at Family Tree DNA.

This DNA study has shown a definite link between the Kinsman descendants of this line and those of Robert (the emigrant) who left for America from Wiltshire in 1634. The closeness of this link (31/36 +2) suggests a most recent common ancestor at about the generation of the great-grandfather of Asa Kinsman shown here.

The same DNA results show a link between Asa Kinsman (and therefor also Robert the emigrant) and the Kingsman descendants of Robert Kingsman of Overton, Wiltshire, England.  This is not a close match, having a genetic distance of 5, but would give an estimate of a common ancestor as recent as the early to mid 1400s. Just a couple of generations before our earliest written records for these families in Wiltshire.

This section contains records on 165 individuals with 31 sources, and 60 links to images.

Key Individuals:

Asa Kinsman born about 1820, in St Lawrence, NY
Mary Jo [Pruner] Neyer

DNA comments:

A DNA profile exists for this line of Kinsman in the USA which shows that it is genetically related to the lines of Kingsman from Overton in Wiltshire, England and of Robert the emigrant from Highworth in Wiltshire.

More contributors are always welcome from any of the Kinsman lines, but especially so if you are an American Kinsman of this line or of the line of Robert the Emigrant. If you'd like to see the full DNA story, or even better, if you'd like to contribute your own DNA profile and add to the story, then please follow the DNA link on the left.

Section last updated 8 April 2018

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