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Family Tree of Andrew and Dennis Kinsman

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This part of the Kinsman history is derived from a tree researched by Dennis Kinsman and his nephew Andrew, who kindly shared their tree and source information with me. Where pieces of data are unreferenced they are from Andrew's and Dennis's original work, referenced data is from additional studies.  This tree could also be described as being the descendant tree of John Kinsman born about 1730 in Cornwall (married Ebbet Symons in Poundstock in 1756) which leads to Andrew and Dennis' lines. In researching the Kinsmans related to this John, several other lines have been discovered and are also included here. One of these is the related family of William Kinsman (1799-1856) who emigrated with his family to Canada. The information relating to the descendants of this William came originally from a tree published at 

A second significant Candian link is the family of Thomas Kinsman (born Launcells, Cornwall in 1795, died 1872 in Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario) who emigrated with his sons (John, Thomas, William, Henry and Richard) about 1832.

A DNA profile exists for the male line in this tree and anyone wishing to add their DNA and compare results would be very welcome to do so.  Contact details for doing this are at Family Tree DNA.

This study has now been expanded to include some other parishes close to Poundstock.  There are now many isolated families included on these pages, which hopefully will knit together into cogent trees in time as more data is gathered.  In addition to the tree descending from John of Poundstock, there are now other significant trees descending from John of Marhamchurch (born about 1660), Thomas of Poughill (born about 1735) and an unknown Kinsman of Morwenstow (born about 1700). 

This Morwenstow tree has yielded another emigrant, William Kinsman who settled first in St. Keverne and then took his family to Australia. His daughter Mary Jane married Thomas Playford who later became Premier of Australia. The information on this family in Australia came originally from a tree published at and from a history of St. Keverne.

If you have any comments, queries or ammendments on any of these trees, you can contact either me, Derrick Watson, at, or Andrew Kinsman at  The same addresses apply if you are thinking of joining our DNA project and would like more information

This section contains records on 2,754 individuals, cross referenced to 829 sources, with 187 links to images.

Key Individuals:

Peter Kinsman born about 1515, lived in Kilkhampton Outline tree
Thomas Kinsman born about 1535, lived in Kilkhampton Outline tree
John Kinsman born 1816 in Poughill, emigrated to Canada (Hope, Ontario) in 1851
Morwenna Mabbott born 1886 in Penzance, married Gerald Ralph in Nova Scotia in 1911
Benjamin Kinsman born 1637 in Kilkhampton Outline tree
Thomas Kinsman born 1788 in Poughill, emigrated to USA (Canaan, Pennsylvania)
Samuel Kinsman born 1790 in Bridgerule, Devon, emigrated to USA in the mid 1840s. (Dodgeville, Wisconsin)
Joanna [Smeeth] Kinsman born 1792 in Poundstock, widow of Daniel Kinsman, emigrated to Canada (Toronto, Ontario) with most of their children
James Kinsman born 1798 in Poughill, married to Ann Squire. Emigrated to Prince Edward Island about 1842. Many of his descendants then emigrated to America.
William Kinsman born 1799 in Poundstock, emigrated to Canada (Bowmanville, Ontario) Outline tree
Thomas Kinsman born 1799 in Kilkhampton, emigrated to Canada (Hamilton, Ontario)
Thomas Barrett Kinsman born 1827 in Kilkhampton s/o the above Thomas, emigrated to Canada with his parents and then c1865 to America (Loda, Illinois)
Ann Kinsman born 1809 in Launcells. Transported to Australia on the Princess Royal in 1828
John Kinsman born 1824 in Kilkhampton. Emigrated to Ontario, Canada in 1843
William Walter Kinsman born 1830 in Morwenstow, emigrated with his wife Kezia in the mid 1880s to Canada (Port Hope, Ontario)
William Henry Kinsman born 1839 in Week St Mary, emigrated to USA emigrated to USA (Ishpeming, MI)
Daniel Kinsman born 1847 in Otterham, emigrated to USA (Cherry Ridge, Wayne County, PA)
Thomas Pearce Kinsman born 1859 in North Petherwin, Devon, emigrated to USA (Alleghany Co., PA)
Alfred Magnus Kinsman born 1910 in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland. Emigrated to Canada in 1935 and married there to Aubrey Leach. Lived in Montreal.
Thomas Kinsman born 1635 in Kilkhampton, but moved to Hartland, Devon Outline tree
William Kinsman born 1656 in Kilkhampton, but moved to Woolfardisworthy, Devon Outline tree
William Kinsman born about 1734, lived in Kilkhampton Outline tree
Thomas Kinsman born 1795 in Launcells, emigrated to Canada (Fullarton, Ontario) Outline tree
John Kinsman born about 1660 in Marhamchurch Outline tree
Richard Kinsman born 1809 in Devon, emigrated to Canada (Northumberland, Ontario) between 1845-51
Thomas Kinsman born 1820 in Launcells, emigrated to Canada (Manvers, Ontario)
John Kinsman born about 1730, lived in Morwenstow Outline tree
William Kinsman born 1799 in Morwenstow, emigrated to Australia (Mitcham)
William Kinsman born 1825 in Kilkhampton but moved to Appledore, Devon Outline tree
John Kinsman born about 1730, possibly in Poundstock  Outline tree
Andrew Kinsman originator of this tree Outline tree

DNA comments:

A DNA profile exists for this Kilkhampton line of Kinsman, which shows that it is genetically separate from the line of Kinsman from the Redruth area.

More contributors are always welcome, from any of the Kinsman lines. If you'd like to see the full DNA story, or even better, if you'd like to contribute your own DNA profile and add to the story, then please follow the DNA link on the left.

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