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Kinman from Scotland

Kinman Families

There is one central tree of Kinman in Scotland, all from the Perth area. This family may originally have been part of a much larger Kinmond (or Kinmonth) family, with a small shift in pronounciation. In the 1500s the name was being recorded as Kynman but by the 1600s that had changed to Kinman.

By the time of the 1841 census the family had all but died out leaving a small collection of fragments referring to Kinmans who came from Scotland. Cross checking the census records and other sources, almost all of the Kinman references in the census years turn out to be mistransciptions of names such as Kinnan and Kinnear. The few isolated individuals left in the years after 1841 are in this collection. It is feasible that none of these are properly Kinmans either. 

There is a remote possibility that this family is still represented via a name change back to the more populous Kinmond, but this has not yet been substantiated.

This section contains records on 172 individuals, cross referenced to 8 sources.

Key Individuals:
DNA comments:
There is no DNA marker for this line yet. No proven descendants of Kinman from Scotland have been found. If you are one such then you would be most welcome to both participate in the study and to help by contributing your family tree to be included here.

Section last updated 28 June 2015

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