These are pictures found mostly attached to web trees and published there by numerous people. I am trying to to gather together as many as possible to be available to all. Further contributions are always welcome, but if you spot any mistakes please let me know and I'll correct them asap. The trees that these records refer to are in the Kinman (Warwickshire) collection on these web pages.

sarahkinmansmith_small.jpg georgekinmanatwork_small.jpg georgekinmanattheallotment_small.jpg annfisherkinman_small.jpg anniekinman_small.jpg
cliffordwindle_small.jpg anniekinmanwindle_small.jpg frankkinman_small.jpg theophiluskinman_small.jpg sarahkinmanhodges_small.jpg
jameskinman_small.jpg leahtaylorkinman_small.jpg johnwilliamkinmanc1925_small.jpg johnwilliamkinmanposter_small.jpg johnwilliamkinmanc1970_small.jpg
harrykinman_small.jpg camillabentonkinman_small.jpg josephkinmanabt1970_small.jpg josephkinmanabt1980_small.jpg ruthkinman_small.jpg
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