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Kinman families

This section will contain family trees relating to various Kinman families.   The largest family here at the moment will be the tree researched by Marion Hall and reproduced here with her kind permission.  The earliest well documented members of this family are from Tysoe, Warwickshire in the 1700s, but earlier references have now been added but remain conjectural in parts.

If you have a Kinman tree that you would like to add to the database, I'd love to have it here.

William KINMAN born about 1719, probably in Cow Honeybourne, Worcestershire.  Lived in Tysoe, Warwickshire as did many of his descendants.  This is the family tree of Marion Hall and represents many years of research by her, with additions and verifications now added.  It currently contains information on 840 people.

John KINMAN born 1795 in St Sepulchre, London.  Lived mainly in the Kensington area of London. Much of the information reproduced here has been kindly donated by family members.  It currently contains information on 195 people.

Outline Tree
John KINMAN a Quaker who married Margaret Smith in 1762 in Pennsylvania. Family lore says that his parentage was originally Scottish. This has not yet been substantiated. 
Isabel KINMAN This is a collection of fragments referring to Kinmans who came from Scotland. Cross checking the census records and other sources, almost all of the Kinman references turn out to be mistransciptions of names such as Kinnan and Kinnear. The few isolated individuals left in the years after 1841 are in this collection. It is feasible that none of these are properly Kinmans either. Earlier records have not yet been processed.

Updated on the 28th January 2015

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