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John Kinman of Plumstead, Pennsylvania

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The backbone of this tree comes from Kenneth Kinman who donated his ancestral line in November 2014 to form the basis of this branch of research into Kinmans in the USA (and many thanks for doing so). This tree has since been enhanced by the many trees published by descendants of this line, and verified as time allows from source documents.

The origin of John Kinman at the head of Kenneth's tree is uncertain. He was a Quaker and married in Plumstead, Pennsylvania in 1762 to Margaret Smith. It is possible that he was a first generation immigrant to America possibly travelling with his parents. It is also possible that he was the son of a William Kinman who married Margaret Williams in 1725 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, or possibly of Samuel Kinman of nearby Cheltenham.  It is also possible that this William and Samuel are either brothers, or even the same person sometimes using his first name and sometimes his second.

All of this is conjecture, but the one certainty is that the lines of Kinmans in America who trace their ancestry back to Thomas Kinman born about 1730 and those who trace back to the above John Kinman have the same male heritage.

The records in America show Samuel and William Kinman both being present about the 1730s but nothing earlier, and Thomas and John being born around the 1730s.

At the same time, there was a family of Kinmans in the Holborn area of London with three brothers, Samuel, William and John all born c1700. John Kinman had sons Thomas and John and a daughter Sarah, all born in the 1720s and whose wife died in 1730. All of these people disappear from the English records around about 1730.

The best theory at present is that these are the same people who then appear in America and that is how the relationships are shown in this tree.

The photo opposite is of Seth Kinman (1815-88) one of the more infamous members of this family.

These pages currently contain records of 3,219 individuals, cross referenced to 933 sources, and with 464 links to images.

Much of the information contained here is drawn from trees published at websites such as Not all of the data has been independantly verified yet - it is still "work in progress", currently 45% complete. Any piece of data, or any individual, which is noted as being sourced from such secondary sources, needs to be taken with at least a small pinch of salt. 

Of course, if you are the originator of one of those trees and can tell me the original source, then I would be delighted to hear from you - particularly the person who posted a significant tree which appeared in the Pedigree Resource File and cites "the Kinman Letters" as one such source.

Key Individuals:

John KINMAN a Quaker who married Margaret Smith in 1762 in Pennsylvania.
Thomas KINMAN The head of the line of Kinmans predominantly from the southern American states.
DNA comments:

A DNA profile exists for this line of Kinman up to a 67 marker Y-STR test and also a Big Y SNP test (haplogroup of R-M269-L2-Z49, with several personal SNPs identified that should prove to be unique to this Kinman line, but we currently have no matches with any other lines.

More contributors are always welcome, from any Kinman line. If you'd like to see the full DNA story, or even better, if you'd like to contribute your own DNA profile and add to the story, then please follow the DNA link at the top of the page.

Section last updated 20 December 2021

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