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Kingsman family of Scotland

Kingsman Families DNA results

This section contains the tree of the Kingsman family of Scotland. The earliest fully referenced person in this tree is ROBERT KINGSMAN (1817-1879). Census data on him consistently states that he came from Ireland, but his death registration records his parents as William Kingsman and Jane Pettigrew as included here. There is one instance (1851 census) where his surname is shown as KINGSMILL rather than KINGSMAN. Neither he nor his parents have been located on any earlier Scottish records.

This section contains records of 131 individuals, cross referenced to 21 sources. There are 2 links to images.

Key Individuals:


born 1895 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire. Married Daniel McNaught. Died in NSW in 1978
born 1907 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire. Emigrated to Australia in 1960 and died in Sydney in 1972
DNA comments:

A DNA profile exists for this Scottish line of Kingsman, which has clearly shown that the family line is the same as that of Kingsmill, living in Kent in the 1600s.

More contributors are always welcome, either from the Kingsmill or Kingsman lines. If you'd like to see the full DNA story, or even better, if you'd like to contribute your own DNA profile and add to the story, then please follow the DNA link on the left.

Section last updated 7 April 2018

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