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Kingsman families

These pages contain family trees relating to the various Kingsman families investigated so far.

If you have a Kingsman tree that you would like to add to the database, I'd love to have it here.

Wiltshire This is the tree that started it all. It is a part of my own family tree, and so contains more branches than would normally be found in a one-name study. The tree starts with a single family in Overton, Wiltshire in the early 1500s - I'm still working on finding where Robert Kingsman came from, but I'm fairly sure it was not around Overton. By the Victorian era the family had moved from it's origins and was almost only found in and around London. There are numerous descendants of this line in Australia, mostly from two sisters and their younger cousin who all emigrated in the mid 1800s.

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Essex This is one of the two oldest well documented trees on this website. The Kyngesman family were well established in Althorne, Essex in the 1300s. It is perhaps the original family of King's men, as evidenced by the will of John Kyngesman in the early 1500s who leaves a bequest "out of the money the King loaned of me". The family remained prominent until the late 1800s but no descendants of the name have been found. The last known of the name was Jasper Kingsman, High Sheriff of Essex, who died in 1784. When his estate was sold by auction it raised the equivalent of about £60 million.

Outline Tree
Ireland This is quite a small family group which was a mystery for quite some time. The origin of the head of the tree remains unsure, despite him being a very well documented soldier in the English army, who elected to settle in Ireland after being posted there for many years. His attestation papers say that he was born around 1804 in Stanton, Highway, Wiltshire - but no local records have been found to show who's son he was. Living male Kingsmans have not yet been found from this line, but are very likely to be out there somewhere. If you are one, or know of one, we'd very much like to here from you.

Scotland The head of this tree turned up in Scotland on the 1841 census, with no earlier records of the Kingsman name in Scotland. According to later census records he was born in Ireland, and so was thought initially to be part of the Irish Kingsman tree. This turned out not to be true and the family is actually derived from the Kingsmill family of SE England,as shown by DNA testing. His name is recorded (only once, in 1851) as Kingsmill instead of Kingsman.

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