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Elizabeth KINGSMAN

Sep 18061 - 31st Dec 18612

House servant

Life History

Sep 1806

Born in Holborn, Middlesex (Shoe Lane).1

19th Nov 1806

Baptised in Holborn, Middlesex (St Andrew).1

d/o James and Ann, Shoe Lane, born Sept 1806


Married James Thomas EVANS in St Faith under St Pauls, London.10,11,1

James and Elizabeth were both single and of the parish of St Faith when they married after banns.  They both signed the register.  The witnesses were Richard Kingsman (Elizabeth's brother) and Mary Barnard (who married Richard two years later).

Jul 1828

Birth of daughter Emma Kingsman EVANS in Lambeth, Surrey.3

Feb 1830

Birth of daughter Mary Ann EVANS in Lambeth, Surrey.3

Jan 1832

Birth of son James Thomas EVANS in Lambeth, Surrey

Feb 1834

Birth of son Charles EVANS in Lambeth, Surrey.3

24th Dec 1835

Birth of son Joseph George EVANS in St Pancras, Middlesex.4,3

before 1838

Death of son James Thomas EVANS in ,London

Mar 1838

Birth of son James Thomas EVANS in Lambeth, Surrey.2,3

12th Oct 1840

Emigrated from ,London

Arrived in Austalia on 4th February 1841 on the Marquis of Hastings


Birth of daughter Elizabeth Matilda EVANS in Sydney, NSW, Australia.6


Occupation House servant


Birth of son Richard Kingsman EVANS in Sydney, NSW, Australia.7


Birth of son John George EVANS in Sydney, NSW, Australia.8


Birth of daughter Amelia Henrietta EVANS in Sydney, NSW, Australia.9


Birth of son Thomas Edwin EVANS in Sydney, NSW, Australia


Death of son John George EVANS in Sydney, NSW, Australia

17th May 1852

Death of daughter Elizabeth Matilda EVANS in Sydney, NSW, Australia.5

31st Dec 1861

Died in Sydney, NSW, Australia (2 Domain Terrace, Macquarie St).2

James Evans, son, registered the death of his mother.  He had been residing Philip St, Sydney .

1st Jan 1862

Buried in Sydney, NSW, Australia (Rookwood Cemetery).2

Presbyterian section


  • Elizabeth left England 12th October 1840 and arrived in Austalia on 4th February 1841. She is shown as a passenger on the Marquis of Hastings to Australia together with her husband and five children [Emma, Mary, Charles, Joseph and James Thomas].  They were bounty (assisted) passengers.  Her parents were given as James Kinsman and Mary Ann Spencer and her birth date as November 1806.

    At the time, her father was married to Mary Ann Spencer and she may well have been remembered by Elizabeth as being her mother.  Her actual mother was James' first wife, Ann Webb, who died in 1813 when Elizabeth was 7 years old.

    The landing records state:

    James Thomas Evans, gardener, Prostestent, age 32y July
    His wife, Elizabeth Evans [Kingsman],  house servant, age 35y Nov
    Charles 6y Feb 1841
    Joseph 5y Dec 1840
    James Thomas 3y Mar 1841
    Emma 13y July 1841
    Mary 11y Feb 1841

    The Evans family lived in Fort Street, Sydney and then moved to 2 Domain Terrace which is located behind the present day State Library of NSW.

    Elizabeth is mentioned in the landing papers of her cousin, Mary Ann Kingsman, when she arrived in Australia on the 26th July 1853 from England on board the Earl of Elgin.  Mary Ann said that she had three cousins living in Australia, one named Evans living on George Street, Sydney.

    Elizabeth died of Cancer in 1861 aged 54.

    Her death certificate notes her 8 living children as:

    Emma 28
    Joseph 22
    Charles 24
    James 21
    Richard 18
    Thomas 10
    Mary Ann 2
    Amelia 1

    3 Deceased,  they are George b.1839, Elizabeth Matilda b.1841 & John b.1845.

    The following family members have been buried together:-

    Elizabeth EVANS [Kingsman] 1806-1861 ? wife of James Thomas EVANS 1808-1872
    John George EVANS 1845-1850 ? son of above
    Elizabeth Matilda EVANS 1841-1852 daughter of Charles EVANS+Mary REARDON
    Emma Kingsman EVANS 1856-1856         ?                ?                             ?
    Charles EVANS 1857-1857                  Son                  ?                             ?
    James Thomas EVANS 1808-1872 husb of Elizabeth EVANS [Kingsman]
    Thomas Edwin EVANS 1862-1865 son of James Thomas EVANS 1839-1914+Jane MANNING abt 1835-1900
    Ernest Joseph George EVANS 1868-1870 Son of Charles & Mary EVANS
    Emma CLIFFORD [Evans] dau of James Thomas EVANS 1808-1872+Elizabeth KINGSMAN 1806-1861
    Mary A EVANS [Reardon] wife of Charles EVANS d.1917
    Charles EVANS husb to Mary A EVANS [Reardon]


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