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George Charles KINGSMAN

24th Feb 18361,2,3 - before 1880

Life History

24th Feb 1836

Born in Lambeth, Surrey.1,2,3

16th Mar 1836

Baptised in Lambeth, Surrey (St Mary).4

s/o Richard and Mary, Ivory turner of King Street

6th Jun 1841

Recorded in census in Lambeth, Surrey (New Street #63).1


Occupation Warehouseman


Resident in Newington, Surrey (69 Bland Street)

20th Sep 1857

Old Church

20th Sep 1857

Married Elizabeth POGSON in St Pancras, Middlesex.4

George Kingsman, a bachelor of full age working as a Warehouseman married Elizabeth Pogson, a spinster under the age of 21 (a minor) on 20th September 1857 at the Old Church, St. Pancras.  The address given for both is Aldenshaw Street (close to St Pancras).  George's father is given as Richard Kingsman, an Ivory turner,  Elizabeth's as Bedingfield Pogson, a Clerk in the E & W India Docks.  Witnesses were Bedingfield Pogson and Mary Kingsman (probably George's mother).

The location for the marriage is strange as both families were from south of the river in Lambeth.  The reason may well be that Elizabeth was a tight fit into her wedding dress with her daughter being born just two months later.  They may well have gone north of the Thames for the wedding (where George's uncle James lived) to avoid local gossip.

25th Nov 1857

Birth of daughter Elizabeth Alice KINGSMAN in Newington, Surrey.4,3,5,6,7


Birth of son Harry KINGSMAN in Alderham St, London.8

about 1859

Death of son Harry KINGSMAN


Occupation Warehouseman


Resident in Rotherhithe, Surrey (11 Westfield Terrace)

21st Sep 1859

Birth of daughter Louisa KINGSMAN in Rotherhithe, Surrey.2,3,5

7th Apr 1861

Occupation Commercial Traveller in Lambeth, Surrey.2

7th Apr 1861

Recorded in census in Lambeth, Surrey (Albert Street #18).2

15th Mar 1863

Birth of son George Clement Bedingfield KINGSMAN in Rotherhithe, Surrey.9,4,3,5,10


Occupation Commercial Traveller


Resident in Rotherhithe, Surrey (4 Eden Terrace)

28th Jun 1865

Birth of son Alfred William KINGSMAN in Rotherhithe, Surrey.4,3,5,11


Birth of son Henry Richard KINGSMAN in Hackney, Middlesex.12,3,5

between 1867 and 1870

Emigrated from ,,England

22nd Dec 1870

Occupation Clerk in New York, New York, USA.3

22nd Dec 1870

Recorded in census in New York, New York, USA (Allen Street #126).3

before 1880



  • George and family emigrated to the USA and settled in Manhattan, New York.

    US immigration records shows the six "Kingeman" (Harry is assumed to have been an infant death) arriving in New York in 1870 with Eliza Pogson - grandma.

    These were passengers on the ship Parana, from Le Havre and London, docking in New York on 1st August 1870.  The list declares their ages and also the fact that they travelled in steerage (down in the hold):
    Eliza Pogson           54
    Eliz Kingeman         30
    Alice Kingeman      12
    Louisa Kingeman     9
    George Kingeman    7
    Alfred Kingeman      5
    Henry Kingeman      2

    George presumably had come over to the USA earlier. He appears with his family on the December 1870 New York census.

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