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1921 Frank Jesse Kingsman 1942 wedding photo

1921 Frank Jesse Kingsman 1942 wedding photo

Frank Jesse KINGSMAN

12th Feb 1921 - 17th Oct 2007

Draughtsman (retired)

Life History

12th Feb 1921

Born in Holborn, Middlesex


Resident in Sydenham, Kent (Devonshire Road #80)


Resident in Thornton Heath, Surrey (Moffatt Road #136)


Occupation Soldier


Resident in Thornton Heath, Surrey (Moffatt Road #136)

7th Nov 1942

St Judes

7th Nov 1942

Married Doris Winifred NEWSON in Islington, Middlesex


Resident in Thornton Heath, Surrey (Beulah Crescent #15)


Resident in Thornton Heath, Surrey (Maplethorpe Road #26)


Occupation Draughtsman (retired)

Aug 2007

Death of Doris Winifred NEWSON

17th Oct 2007

Died in Mayday Hospital, Surrey

Other facts


Birth of child April KINGSMAN


Birth of child Martin John KINGSMAN


  • Frank Jesse Kingsmans family's house was demolished by a flying bomb in 1944.

    Frank was deaf from a very young age.  When he joined up for the 1945 war he had great difficulty in hearing instructions on the drill ground and was always half a pace behind everyone else.  The army however found his skill with a pencil and he spent the war making technical drawings of bits of German tanks that had been brought back to the UK.

    Frank was very much a family man, forever making toys for his children - these included a sit-in space rocket with electric controls, including one for an old washing machine motor that caused the whole thing to vibrate for take-off.

    Doris was the love of his life.  They had been together since they were teenagers and he was devasted when she died.

    He is sadly missed by his many friends and fondly remembered by me whenever I am working on this tree for which he was a great inspiration.

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