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Charles EVANS

Feb 18341 - 25th Oct 19064

Jeweller and Watchmaker

Life History

Feb 1834

Born in Lambeth, Surrey.1

9th Mar 1834

Baptised in Lambeth, Surrey (St Mary).2

12th Oct 1840

Emigrated from ,London

Arrived in Austalia on 4th February 1841 on the Marquis of Hastings


Death of daughter Emma Kingsman EVANS in Sydney, NSW, Australia.6

14th Feb 1856

Sydney Presbyterian, Sydney Scotts Church (Pitt St)

Witnesses to the marriage were Thomas H Alcock and Charles' sister, Emma Clifford.

14th Feb 1856

Married Mary Ann REARDON in Sydney, NSW, Australia.18,19

Witnesses to the marriage were Thomas H Alcock and Charles' sister, Emma Clifford.
V1856163 82/1856

Mary Ann Reardon at QC. Presbyterian ? Sydney, Scotts Church (Pitt St) 14th February 1856. Witness?were Thomas H Alcock & Emma Clifford (Charles?sister).
No. 1224 in Church Book of Registrations

12th Jun 1856

Birth of daughter Emma Kingsman EVANS in Sydney, NSW, Australia

27th Dec 1857

Birth of son Charles EVANS in Sydney, NSW, Australia

27th Dec 1857

Death of son Charles EVANS in Sydney, NSW, Australia.7

between 1858 and 1906

Occupation Jeweller and Watchmaker in Sydney, NSW, Australia (218 George St, Sydney)

According to Sands directories Charles' business was located at 220 George St in 1866, then at 218 George Street up until 1871. In 1873 the George Street premises was destroyed by fire and Charles became banckrupt as a result. From 1875 to 1880 his business was at 4 Bridge St, then 1884-1900 at 8 or 10 Broughton St.

between 1858 and 1860

Resident in Sydney, NSW, Australia (14 Domain Terrace, Macquarie St, Sydney)


Birth of daughter Mary Elizabeth EVANS in Sydney, NSW, Australia.8


Birth of son Charles Sydney EVANS in Sydney, NSW, Australia.9

9th Apr 1863

Birth of daughter Amy Constance EVANS in Sydney, NSW, Australia.10

4th Apr 1865

Birth of son Herbert Edward Clifford EVANS in Sydney, NSW, Australia.11,12


Birth of son Ernest Joseph George EVANS in Sydney, NSW, Australia.14

between 1869 and 1906

Resident in Sydney, NSW, Australia (101 Woolloomooloo St, Sydney).3

Woolloomooloo St was later renamed Cathedral St


Birth of daughter Edith Amelia E EVANS in Sydney, NSW, Australia.15

25th Feb 1870

Death of son Ernest Joseph George EVANS in Woolloomooloo, NSW, Australia.13

28th Jun 1872

Birth of daughter Amelia E M EVANS in Sydney, NSW, Australia.16

30th Mar 1875

Birth of daughter Laura Louise EVANS in Woolloomooloo, NSW, Australia.17

26th Dec 1877

Birth of son Harold Aubrey Kingsman EVANS in Woolloomooloo, NSW, Australia

4th Sep 1880

Birth of son Norman George EVANS in Woolloomooloo, NSW, Australia

25th Oct 1906

Died in Sydney, NSW, Australia (101 Cathedral St, Sydney).4

Malignant disease of orbit

26th Oct 1906

Buried in Rookwood, NSW, Australia (Rookwood Cemetery).5

Presbyterian setion 5c row 22 Number 48760 Size 2, Plot No 4486-4488


  • Information on Charles Evans and his family comes largely from Jennifer Grant in Australia.

    First Watchmaker in Sydney. Shop in George Street.


    1858-1860 resided 14 Domain Terrace and had his shop at 218 George Street
    1869-1879             101 Woolloomooloo St                           218 George St
    1903-08 shows  Amelia H residing 101Woolloomooloo St      independent means
                        Mary Ann Evans                                                 domestic duties
                        Mary Elizabeth                                                                 ?
                        Norman George painter

    Died 25th October 1906 at 101 Cathedral St.  of Malignant disease of Orbit. Buried 26th October 1906 at Presbyterian Cemetery, Rookwood.   His son, Charles Sydney Evans of 41 Hickson St, Sydney, was the informant.

    William Berryman apprehended by constable Everson, was charged with stealing an ornament and two salt-cellers, valued 2s, the property of Benjamin Lee... Charles Evans, watchmaker, deposed that he knew the prisoner and made a point of watching him whenever he appeared about his shop; saw him go to prosecuters shop, take something from the window, and witness at once informed Mr Lee...

    (Empire, 17th May 1865, p.2)

  • LOST, On Saturday evening, between Pitt and George Streets, a gold minature brooch with gent' s portrait, in morocco case.  A reward. CHARLES EVANS, Watchmaker, 218 Lower George Street.

    (The Sydney Morning Herald, 11th July 1870, p.1)

  • Fire. -

    About twenty minutes to ten o'clock yesterday evening an alarm was given at the office of the Insurance Fire Brigrade to the effect that a fire had broken out on the premises of Mr Charles Evans, watchmaker, 218 George Street North. The Occupant, it appears, had locked up the premises and left them in charge of his father.  The fire was first discovered by sergeant Scollins, who, while traversing his beat, passed the shop of Mr Evans and saw smoke emerging from the premises.

    This caused him to give the alarm at once. A number of Chinamen, who occupied a shop next door, broke open the front of Mr Evans's premises and entered the shop.  It was then discovered a fire was burning under the shop counter, where there had been stowed a quantity of loose newspapers and other articles.  Under the superintendence of sub-inspector Anderson, who had arrived on the spot in the meantime, and of seargeant Scollins, the Chinamen, with bucketfulls of water, were soon able to extinguish the fire.

    The Insurance Manual was first on the spot, followed by the engine of the No 1 Volunteer Fire Company, from York Street; a second engine of the Insurance Fire Brigrade, and two engines of the No 2 Volunteer Fire Company.  The fire had been got under before the arrival of the first of the engines.  The stock of Mr  Evans is insured in the Imperial office for 400 pounds; but whether the building, which is part of the Underwood Estate, is insured, did not transpire.

    (Sydney Morning Herald, 2 Feb 1872, p.5)


    A fire occurred in George Street North on February 29, by which ten business premises were were destroyed by the flames...  The destruction took place, within an hour and  a half after the fire was first observed, although the ruins smouldered until late in the day.  The followi ng places have been involved by the fire; 212, 214... 216, 261 1/2...Charles Evans, watchmaker, No 218, building gutted throughout by fire; watches and the more valuable of portion of the stock saved - Mr Evans having had the foresight to place them in a safe, which was his habit before shutting up for the night, but clocks etc; injured in removal...

    (Sydney Morning Herald, 24th Feb 1873, p.7)

  • INSOLVENCY COURT - Wednesday
    (Before Mr Chief Commissioner Duffell)
    Charles Evans, Bridge Street, watchmaker and jeweller. Cause of insolvency destruction of stock in trade and business premises by fire in January 1873.  As liabilities 614 pounds 16s, of which 255 pounds is secured, assetts 255 pounds. Mr Sempill official assignee.

    (Sydney Morning Herald 11th September 1873, p.3)

  • In the insolvent estate of Charles Evans,

    To Watch and Clock Makers, Dealers and others.
    At the Austion Mart, Pitt and Park Streets, west side. THIS DAY, Monday, 15th September, at half-past 11.

    C. Bray has received instructions from the official assignee to sell by auction, THIS DAY, Monday, at half-past 11 o'clock, the whole of the stock in trade, comprising eight-day lever, French and striking clocks, brooches, jewellery, English dial clocks, watches, &c., &c.,
    Terms cash.

    (The Sydney Morning Herald 15th September 1873, p.7)

  • Death certificate:

    Occupation listed as Watchmaker and Jeweller, aged 73 yrs, His father listed as Boot salesman, His mother listed as Elizabeth Matilda Kingsman, His son, Charles Sydney Evans of 41 Hickson Street, Sydney registed the death on 25th October 1906, Religion Presbyterian.


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