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Kingsman Families in England

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As of April 2018 these pages contain all the known descendants of the Kingsman line originating with Robert Kingsman of Overton, Wiltshire, who died there in 1592. To date, there are only a very few Kingsmans in England who we have found who have not (yet) been shown to relate to this tree. 

There is a second major Kingsman tree (that of Essex) of which there are no known living Kingsman descendants. These two trees may be linked, but no evidence has been found to prove whether they are or not. 

According to work reported by a Victorian antiquarian, Robert of Overton descended from the Kinnesman family of Loddington, Northamptonshire, whose arms are shown on main page of this website. No firm evidence has been found to substantiate this claim, but members of the family adopted this blazon in the 1700s, as did members of the family of Kingsman in Essex at about the same time, and also those of Kinsman in Cornwall.  Modern DNA testing has shown there to be no link between the Wiltshire Kingsmans and Nothamptonshire Kinnesmans.

There were several generations of ivory workers in this family during the Vicotrian period, hence the picture left. Although not identifiable as being by any of the Kingsman family, this work is illustrative of what they will have been making.

Unlike other trees on these webpages this tree also includes many distaff lines and collateral ancestral lines. This is because it is my own family tree. The number of individuals included is therefor much larger than the number of Kingsmans.

This section contains records on 5762 individuals, 460 cross referenced sources and 216 links to images.

Key Individuals:

Robert KINGSMAN b c1530, a yeoman who lived in Overton, Wiltshire Outline Tree
G2 grandson of Robert of Overton. Lived in Fyfield. A quaker who emigrated to America and married Hannah Simcock in Chichester, PA. No known male line descendants. Outline Tree
Thomas KINGSMAN b1638 in Leigh Delamere, Wiltshire, great grandson of Robert of Overton. A wealthy landowner in Everleigh, Wiltshire.
Timothy KINGSMAN b1647 in Leigh Delamere, younger brother of Thomas above, became Rector of Sherfield English
Thomas KINGSMAN b1717 in West Tytherley, Hampshire, grandson of Timothy of Sherfield English. Godson of Thomas of Everleigh (his great-uncle). became Rector of Botley, Hampshire. Inherited the estate of his great uncle.
John KINGSMAN b c 1721 in West Tytherley, younger brother of Thomas above. His father (John, Curate of Bramshaw) died shortly after this John was born. He was brought up by his uncle William (rector of West Tytherley after his father) and received just enough inheritance from his great uncle Thomas to pay for an apprenticeship as a coachmaker.
William KINGSMAN b c1745 in London, son of John the Coachmaker. Apprenticed to an Ivory Turner in 1759. The first of a line of 5 generations of Ivory Turners in London and my G5 grandfather.
James KINGSMAN b1775 in St Sepulchre, London, son of William (1745), an Ivory Turner.
James KINGSMAN b1801 in Holborn, London, son of James. Died in Orange, NSW in 1888
Elizabeth KINGSMAN b1806 in Holborn, London, daughter of James. Married James Thomas EVANS and emigrated to Australia in 1841. Lived in Sydney.
Mary Ann KINGSMAN b1808 in Holborn, London, daughter of James. Married John BENSON and emigrated to Australia in 1842. Lived in Sydney.
George KINGSMAN b1836 in Lambeth, London. Grandson of James. Married Eliza POGSON. Emigrated to the USA (New York) about 1867, his family joined him there in 1870.
Frank Jesse KINGSMAN 1921-2007. G2 grandson of James and a major contributor to this research.
John Valentine KINGSMAN b1778 in St Sepulchre, London, son of William (1745), an Ivory Turner who became a Brass Turner.
Ann [Ship] YORE b1844 in Bishopsgate, London. Grandaughter of John Valentine. Emigrated to New Zealand in 1874, settled in Wellington.
Edward KINGSMAN b1781 in St Sepulchre, London, son of William (1745), an Ivory Turner.
Richard KINGSMAN b1813 in Holborn, London. Son of Edward. Emigrated to Australia about 1832. Died in Brisbane in 1865. No known descendants.
Mary Ann KINGSMAN b1828 in Clerkenwell, London. Grandaughter of Edward. Emigrated to Australia in 1853. Married George SEEDS in Sydney in 1856.
William KINGSMAN b1892 in Camberwell, London. G1 grandson of Edward. Emigrated to Australia in 1912. Had a family in Maryborough, Queensland and then a second family in Auckland, NZ.
Anthony KINGSMAN from Balham, Surrey. Emigrated to New Zealand in the early 1950s and lived in Aranui.
Jean [Holmes] WATTS Her husband David is G3 grandson of Edward and she is a major contributor to this research.
Derrick WATSON G4 grandson of Edward. Me.
DNA comments:

A DNA profile exists for one major line of this tree of Kingsmans originally from Overton, Wiltshire. This has clearly shown that the family line is linked to the family of Asa Kinsman of New York, believed to be a descendant of Robert Kinsman (of Highworth, Wiltshire) who emigrated to America in 1634/5.

More contributors are always welcome, either from the Kinsman or Kingsman lines. If you'd like to see the full DNA story, or even better, if you'd like to contribute your own DNA profile and add to the story, then please follow the DNA link on the left.

Section last updated 2 December 2020

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