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Somerset Kingman families

Kingman Families Diffusion Map

There are several trees here, the two main ones are those of the descendants of Gideon Kingman, born around 1680, whose descendants lived in East Harptee, and Thomas Kingman, also born around 1680, who lived in the nearby town of Farrington Gurney. No earlier local records have been found yet to demonstrate if these two Kingmans were related. DNA evidence, should we ever locate a donor, may provide the answer to that question.

Thomas Kingman (of Farrington Gurney, father of George and John) is proposed to be the son of John Kingman of Frome. This fits as to age and general location, but no definitive evidence to support it has yet been found.

Intriguingly, the Christian name "Gideon" only appears linked to a Kin(gs)man in one other tree researched so far. That is for Gideon Kingsman of the Essex line. He is named in the will of his father, Jasper of Maldon, dated 1625. No future history, and no local burial, has been found for this Gideon in Essex. Perhaps this Somerset Kingman line is a continuation of the Essex line of Kingsman? 

There is also the tree of Robert Kingman, Rector of High Ham in Somerset in the 1600s, whose family came from Trowbridge in Wiltshire, and a much smaller tree of John Kingman of Ilminster.

These pages contain records on 901 individuals, cross-referenced to 88 sources with 2 links to a images.

Key Individuals:

Gideon KINGMAN of East Harptree Outline Tree
Stephen KINGMAN b1754 in Farrington Gurney, lived in Stone Easton Outline Tree
b1894 in Ston Easton. Married Emily Lippiatt in 1930 in Bristol and emigrated to New South Wales sometime after that.
George KINGMAN b1798 in High Littleton, lived in Farrington Gurney
b1862 in Farrington Gurney, emigrated to Australia and married Sarah Whitehead in Queensland in 1887.
b1906 in Farrington Gurney, emigrated to South Africa and married Florence Coxford nee Cameron in Durban in 1950
From Shepton Mallet, emigrated to Australia in 1969
From Farrington Gurney, emigrated to Australia about 1977
John KINGMAN of Farrington Gurney
Robert KINGMAN born 1594, Rector of High Ham, sequestrated during the Civil War Outline Tree
John KINGMAN born about 1742, lived in Ilminster Outline Tree
DNA comments:

We have two markers for one of these Somerset lines so far. One is from a known illegitimate birth in the 1700s, the other proves the link between the line of George from Farrington Gurney and Henry Kingman of Massachusetts.

We would love to have more donors from these lines. Any male Kingman descendant of these lines would be most welcome and would help to determine how (if) these trees link with the other Kingman lines or with each other.

Section last updated 30 May 2021

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