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Kingman families

These pages contain family trees relating to the various Kingman families investigated so far.

The earliest family here at the moment is the result of study of the wills of various Kingman individuals in Wiltshire. These all descend from John Kingman (Kyngeman) of South Newton. No definite living descendants have yet been traced, but this is work in progress.

If you have a Kingman tree that you would like to add to the database, I'd love to have it here.

Alias Cook There are many instances of family groups in the West Country where they are known as "Kingman alias Cook", sometimes as Kinman, sometimes as Cooke. It is reasonable to expect that this is one family with a common root, but if that surmise is true, no common root has yet been found. Some of these families have already been recorded withn the counties where they first show up, but this is an attempt to bring them all together.

Wiltshire The descendant tree of John Kyngeman born about 1475. He possibly descended from the Northamptonshire Kinnesman family. Originally lived in South Newton, Wiltshire but spread from there throughout the southern part of Wiltshire and possibly also into Dorset and Somerset.

This section includes some other smaller Kingman trees that also originate in Wiltshire. They may derive from this early John, or may be from elsewhere. Definitive links have not been found.

Somerset 1 Henry Kingman was born about 1595, possibly in Frome, Somerset. He married Joanna (?) Drake (?), and they emigrated from Weymouth, Dorset in 1636 with their five children. Lived in Weymouth, MA. There is an extensive Kingman family in the USA, but so far no real proof of his place of origin or parentage.

Somerset 2 Gideon Kinman was born about 1704, probably in Wells, lived in East Harptree, and was a carp Gideon Kinman was born about 1704, probably in Wells, lived in East Harptree, and was a carpenter. He might possibly be descended from Gideon Kingsman of the Essex line of Kingsmans.

Outline Tree
John Kingman was born about 1720, possibly in Ilminster. Died there in 1772.  Probable sons John and Thomas.

Outline Tree
Stephen Kingman was born in 1796, probably in Ston Easton. Probably the son of Stephen Howell Kingman of Farrington Gurney.

Outline Tree
Devon Robert Kingman was born in 1754 in Combpyne, Devon. He was a soldier in Caddy's company in Newfoundland. Married Mary Ivymy there and returned to England.

Dorset There are three main family groupings in Dorset, by far the largest has a robust paper trail traced back to the village of Hazelbury Bryan in the 1500s.
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The second largest appears in the Symonsbury area in the mid 1700s. The head of this tree (Thomas) may belong to the Hazelbury group but he could also have come from the Combpyne group in Devon. Combpyne lies just across the bay from Symonsbury.

The third Dorset group is from the Wyke Regis and Weymouth area. This group definitely originated in Wiltshire and moved from there in the mid 1700s. There is a paper trail that links this group with that of John Kyngeman, but it is not robust in all the links.

Greater London William Kingman was born about 1790 and lived mainly in Lewisham, Kent.  This is the family tree of Barbara Kingman, contributed by her with additional data and references added. A recent (late 2011) breakthrough on the paper trail records has shown him to have come from the Wyke Regis branch of the Dorset Kingmans, and hence originally from one of Wilthsire Kingman branches.

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Surrey This folder contains two distinct Kingman families living in the Surrey area, one comes from a John Kingman who lived in Kingston on Thames in the early 1800s, the other is a large number of Thames boatsmen and their families from Southwark.

Sussex This section has two small trees, descending from John Kingman (born around 1730, lived in Chiddingly), and Thomas Kingman (born around 1720, lived in Laughton). Given the proximity of these two villages and their closeness in time, these two are presumed to be brothers but no firm evidence to support this has yet been found.

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