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List of people with photos in the Henry Kingman tree

Kingman Families American Families Henry Kingman

Individual YoB # images Type Source
Henry Kingman 1668 1 Grave marker chip5610
Jacob Mitchell 1671 1 Grave marker David McMannus
Chilton Latham 1672 1 Grave marker richjmiller
Susannah [Kingman] Latham 1679 1 Grave marker richjmiller
Lewis Kingman 1845 5 Individual photo; House Nancy Gross
Jennnie [Duncan] [Kingman] Raff 1856 1 Individual photo Nancy Gross
Alice [Newman] Kingman 1860 1 Individual photo Nancy Gross
Robert Hills Kingman 1890 8 Individual photo; Group Nancy Gross
Mildred [Talliaferra] Kingman 1890 1 Individual photo Nancy Gross
Virginious Kingman 1914 2 Individual photo; Grave marker Nancy Gross; Jack Talliferra

Updated on 17 December 2011.

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