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Kingman Families Also Known as Cook(e)

Kingman Families

There are many instances of family groups in the West Country where they are known as "Kingman alias Cook", sometimes as Kinman, sometimes as Cooke. It is reasonable to expect that this is one family with a common root, but if that surmise is true, no common root has yet been found. Some of these families have already been recorded within the counties where they first show up, but this is an attempt to bring them all together.

This section contains direct link to a tree of 98 individuals mainly in Somerset, cross-referenced to 5 sources. 

Links to the heads of other Kingman als Cook families in other trees are listed in the table below.

Key Individuals:

Lawrence KINGMAN Died in Doulting, Somerset in 1649. His will lists several relatives, but no children of his own.
Unknown KINGMAN born about 1640. He is the proposed father of two Kingman also Cook families (of John and Richard Kingman) living in Stert, Wiltshire in the late 1600s
John KINGMAN also known as Cooke. Died in 1575 in Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset, leaving behind a son, also John Kingman als Cooke with several descendants.
DNA comments:

No DNA donor has yet been found for any of these lines. If you believe that you are of this Cook/Kingman line, then please get in touch

Section last updated 30 May 2021

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