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Searches Done - Buckinghamshire

Here are the searches done in the County of Buckinghamshire and their results.  Some searches were targetted on particular individuals and families, others on places.  In every case all related names and events have been recorded.  Individual Parishes are grouped together into modern registration districts. The search results within each RD are given in individual tables and each table can be sorted or filtered to suit.  Just click on the column headers. Please note that several early results for Kingman have not been incorporated as they are for more likley to be mis-transcription of the far more populous Kingham families in Bucks. No credible records have been found so far dating before the 1800s.

Where individual parishes are shown on this table in blue (hyperlink) they have an attached mini-tree.

Eton Eton, Upton cum Chalvey

Last updated 6 January 2014