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England and Wales General Register Office

This is a link table to the individual records, only those records with hyperlinks have been fully processed.
In line with some other guidelines on confidentiallity of living people, these tables are limited to records of up to 100 years ago for births, 75 years ago for marriages and 50 years ago for deaths.
If there are any mistakes in the assignments made, please let me know and I will correct them as soon as possible

Births to 1916 Marriages to 1941 Deaths to 1966
England & Wales Kinman Kinman births (to 1911) Kinman deaths (to 1865)
England & Wales Kynman Kynman births Kynman marriages Kynman deaths
England & Wales Kinsman
England & Wales Kingman
England & Wales Kingsman Kingsman births (to 1911) Kingsman deaths (to 1875)
Scotland Kin%man births Kin%man marriages Kin%man deaths

Last updated 4 December 2016