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Will of Nicholas Fazakerley of Gedington. 1528


In the name of [God] Amen. 

The xx day of April in the year of our Lord God 1528 

I Nycolas Facazley of Gedyngton in a good and a whole mind make my Will in word and form following. 

First I bequeath my soul to Almighty God my maker and redeemer and to the most Blessed virgin our lady Saint Mary his mother and to all the ** company in heaven. 

And my body to be buried in the church of Saint Andyett in Gedyngton beforesaid. 

Item; I bequeath For my pacypall my best good after the custom of the county 

Item; I bequeath to the high alter of the parish church of Gedyngton for my tithes forgotten and ******** in discharge of my soul and conscience 20 pence. 

Item; I bequeath to the ******* of the bells of the said church 6 shillings 8 pence. 

Item; to the sepuleye in the paine of usage 4 wethers. 

Item; I bequeath to the high alter of our lady church in Lincoln 20 pence. 

Also, I will that my wife shall cause to be said a mass at **** only for my soul, all my good friends souls and for all xped souls. 

Also, I give and bequeath unto Anne my wife all and singular my other goods, lands and chattels moveable and immovable wheresover they be within the Realm of England, and to be all *** disposed **** and free will to dispose and distribute thereof amongst my children and give as she shall thynk best according to the desiring and kindness of this my present testament and last will. 

I make and ordain the said Anne my wife executrix and my nephew William Kyndysman of Lodyngton *** overseer of the same. 

I give **** witness 

Henry Bysshoppe the **** of the same 

**** Rychard Hamlyn 

Goorge Glaid 

with other of the same ****


1. The original of this will has been repaired, but in such a way as to leave much of the left side of the page almost totally obscured and unreadable.

Last updated 14 May 2014