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Admon of John Hayes of Overton, Wiltshire. 1635

Noverint universi per presentes nos Johana Hayes de Overton in comitatu Wilts vidua et Robert Kingsman …..yeoman Thomas Stevens yeoman teneri et firmiter obligari Reverendo in Christe Patri et Domino Johannes permissione divina Sarum Episcipo in ducentes libris legalis monete Angliae solvendis aut suo certo Attornato executoribus administratoribus vel suis ad quarum quidem solucionem bene et fideliter faciendum obligamus nos et ………. Executors administratores …..per presentes sigillis nostris sigillatum datum 20 die mensis May anno domini 1635. 

Know all men by these present writings that we Joan Hayes of Overton in the County of Wiltshire, widow and Robert Kingsman of Overton in the County of Wiltshire, yeoman and Thomas Stevens, yeoman are held and firmly bound to the Reverend Lord and Father in Christ John by divine permission Bishop of Sarum in two hundred pounds of lawful money of England to be paid to the same Lord Bishop or to his certain attorney executors or administrators, for making which payment well and faithfully we bind ourselves and our heirs by the present [writings] 

Sealed with our seals dated the 20th day of the month of May 1635 

The condition of this obligation is such that if the above bounden Joan Hayes do well and truly administer all and singular the goods, chattels and credits of John Hayes clerk her husband lately deceased that is to say do pay all the debts which the said deceased did owe at the time of his life and death so far forth as the same goods chattels and credits will thereunto extend the law shall charge her in that behalf and also do testify the inventory now by her exhibited to be true And also pass a true and perfect account of and upon her final administration when she shall be thereunto lawfully called and such goods chattels and credits as shall remain unadministered upon the foot of her said account being seen and allowed do dispose in such manner as by the above named Right Reverend Father in God or any other competent judge in this behalf shall allot and put down. 

Signed Sealed and Delivered 


Francis Roberts 



Robert Kingsman 

Thomas Stevens

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