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Will of Lenard Kinesman, seaman. 1627.

Dated the 11 day of July 1627 

I Lenard Kinesman upon my Last Will now here written do give unto this my beloved friend John Moyses all such things that shall be due unto me here in this Ship called the Lion of the Kings upon condition that he do give in my behalf unto the poor of the parish of Tare twenty shillings which he shall receive of the master of the same ship and unto my sister forty shillings when he hath received my wages the which I hope that the Captain and Master will not be against him to make him a ficker if God taketh me away there is three pounds and ten shillings in Thomas Avery‚Äôs hand in witness of those whose names are here written 

Nicholas Phillipes 

Henry Wallis 

Walter ******* 

Died at sea. Will proved 9 January 1627 in London by John Moyses

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