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Will of Nicholas Kinsman, yeoman of St Clether. 1678

  • Source: Cornwall Archives
  • Ref: k362
  • Transcribed by D Watson, Sep 2009

In the name of good (sic) Amen.

I Nicholas Kinsman of the parish of St Cleather in the county of Cornwall, yeoman, being perfect in memory and reasonable in health do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following.

First, I give and bequeath my soul unto the hands of Almighty God my maker and redeemer and my body to be buried in the Christian burial.

Item, I give unto Edmund Kinsman my son nine pounds ***** and one mooceyfond trough and one horse harrow with its furniture, two of my best scythes, one pair of trusse roopes, the best pair of dung pots, the best mattock and shovel, to be paid within one year after my death by my Executrix.

Item, I give unto Margaret Kinsman, Hannah Kinsman, Philadelphia Kinsman my daughters and every of them one house and the higher garden and a way to the garden over the higher hay with Commons in the town place and Common on Tremeere Downs, and one feather bed preformed and one little pan, one cauldron, one brazen Croke, one skillet, one little barrel and one table board, all which said goods is to remain and be to the use and uses of the aforesaid Margaret Kinsman, Hanah Kinsman and Philadelphia Kinsman and the survivors of them and one little tub.

Item, I give unto the aforesaid Margarett Kinsman my daughter forty shillings to be paid by my executrix within one year after my decease.

Item, I give unto the aforesaid Hannah Kinsman my daughter twenty pounds to be paid by my executrix within one year after my death, and likewise one brass Croke and one table board in the hall to be delivered as aforesaid.

Item, I give unto Richard Kinsman my son one tenement called Sweetwill with its appurtenances within the parish of Laneast all the number of years to come and unexpired all my right provided he pay or cause to be paid unto Margaret Kinsman my daughter yearly at Michaelmas six shillings and eight pence.

And if it happen that the said six shillings and eight pence be behind and unpaid by the start of forty days after the time aforesaid that she may have the same by distress.

And my will is that Margaret Kinsman shall have yearly one jarny of surplus to carry away and put at her own pleasure.

And further my will is that if Richard Kinsman my son do happen to die before the term or number of years be expired in Sweetwill aforesaid that William Kinsman my son shall have the full time to come during his life if the estate last so long, paying and performing all such rents and other things as the aforesaid Richard Kinsman his brother is to do.

And my will is that Richard Kinsman nor William Kinsman shall not have the use or any of the aforesaid priviledges until four months after my death.

Item, I give unto William Kinsman aforesaid two Closes of land called the Underlanes and the Chappell hay thereto adjoining, three years and nine months the term to commence the month after my death, reserving the furze that there is now or hereafter may be growing and the wood in the hedges making the same sufficiently unto Margarett Kinsman or her assigns during the term of three years and nine months as aforesaid and my will is likewise that William Kinsman my son shall during the term aforesaid pay proportionally rents rates and all other dues issuing and going out of the same during the time and term aforesaid.

Item, I give unto Thomas [1] the son of Thomas Chubb one ewe sheep.

Item, I give unto Nicholas Pooly the son of John Pooly [2] one ewe sheep.

Item, I give unto Ysace Pooly the daughter of John Pooly one ewe sheep.

Item, I give unto John Coumbe son-in-law to William Kinsman [3] one ewe sheep.

Item, I give unto Margarett Coumbe sister to the aforesaid John Coumbe one ewe sheep.

Item, all the rest of my goods and chattels not given nor bequeathed I do give and bequeathe unto Philadelphia Kinsman [4] and do make her my whole and sole executrix to see this my last will and Testament performed and my legacy paid.

In witness hereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the thirtieth day of December in the year of our Lord God 1678.

The sign N of Nicholas Kinsman

Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of us

The sign T of John Pooly

Thomas Chubb

The sign X of George Hodges


[1] Thomas Chubb s/o Thomas and Mary baptised 28 Jun 1670 in Egloskerry 4.5 miles from St Clether

[2] John Pooly married Elizabeth Earle 14 Apr 1652 in Trewen 3.5 miles from St Clether

[3] William Kinsman had married (a widow?) named Coumbe and had two step-children. No marriage has been found and neither have baptisms for John and Margaret Coumbe.

[4] Philadelphia (and all her siblings) were of legal age to inherit in 1678, so all were born 1657 or earlier. Philadelphia was having children up until 1686, so is unlikely to have been born before 1641.

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