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Kingsman Scotland DNA results

Scottish Kingsman Family

DNA Studies in General Summary of our Results
Kinnesman Kingsman(Wiltshire)
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Kinman (USA)
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Last update - November 2015

The Scottish Kingsman line starts with a Robert Kingsman, who, according to census reports, was born around 1817 in Ireland. On the 1841 census he appears in Dundee, aged 30, a hand loom weaver.  His wife was Sarah Campbell, also said to be from Ireland.  It transpires that they were not actually married until 1856, when Robert had joined the Dundee Militia.

Scottish death register entries are very informative and his says that he died on the 25th August 1879 at the Royal Infirmary, Dundee and is shown then to be a foundry worker, aged 68 (s/b 1811) widower of Sarah Campbell.  The death was registered by his son William of 72 Hilltown, Dundee. Robert's parents are given as William Kingsman, a farm servant (deceased) and Jane Pettigrew (deceased).  Cause of death was chronic bronchitis of uncertain duration.

His ancestral line has so far not been established, but numerous descendants have been traced.  One of these was actively researching his family tree when we made contact and was most obliging with a sample of his DNA, analysed by

At the time I was also aware of an Irish line of Kingsmans, whose descent had been traced from a William Kingsman born in Wiltshire.  So I was confidently expecting a DNA match between this Scottish line and the already established Wiltshire DNA profile (via this Irish line).

When the results came back I was more than a little disappointed to find that there was nothing like a match between the two lines.  Although they were of the same haplogroup, they matched on only 16 of the 27 common markers tested - with a genetic distance of 15. Any common ancestor from those results would have been tens of thousands of years ago.

What was even more surprising was when I searched the available published databases and found an exact match (30/30 markers - a genetic distance of zero) with results under the name of Kingsmill, not Kingsman.  A match this close would indicate their most recent common ancestor to be no more than about 5 generations back (in this case someone born in the late 1700s).

Further investigation showed that Robert Kingsman had occassionally also been known by the name of Kingsmill.  He is listed as such on the 1851 census, and a Sarah Kingsmill, daughter of Robert Kingsmill, weaver, is recorded as dying in Dundee in 1841.

This match has subsequently been reinforced with another match on the Kingsmill line, at 31/33 +2. This new Kingsmill participant traces confidently back to a Thomas Kingsmill of London born about 1770, who is strongly believed to be of this Kent Kingsmill line.

The puzzle now is to piece together how one of this Kingsmill line, who are from Kingston, Kent, England, married a Jane Pettigrew and had Robert Kingsman/Kingsmill in the early 1800s in Ireland.


Last updated 7 November 2015