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Kinsman Leicestershire DNA results

Leicester Kinsman Family

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Last Update - April 2015

At the time of doing the first DNA test for a donor of this line, the Leicestershire Kinsman line started with a John Kinsman, who was born about 1735 and lived in Ashby Parva, Leicestershire.

The line of this John descends to another John, born in 1781, who was a shoemaker and lived in Barrow on Soar. He had no apparent Kinsman descendants and was thought to be a dead end in this family tree. However, a descendant of William Kinsman Lee contacted me with some surprising evidence (a family bible) which says categorically that John Kinsman Lee, son of this William was given this Bible as a gift by his grandfather, John Kinsman.

This descendant of John Kinsman Lee became a donor to our DNA study. Sadly, his DNA didn't match any other donor in our program, but does match (34/37 +3) with another donor with a different surname.

Lower classes of match with differring surnames are of little significance, but this match is close enough to warrant further investigation.
The tree of this other donor (results found on  the y-search database) only goes as far back as a Tom Atkinson, born 1889 in Cumberland. More work is needed to find if, how and when these lines converge.

As ever, more donors would be very welcome to join in the study and help to solve the puzzle.

A few years later on, and with more transcriptions of parish records becoming available on line (thank you FreeReg) this line became extended back from Ashby Parva across the county line into Naseby in Northamptonshire, and from then linked back into the line of the Kynnesman family of Loddington.

This is of huge significance to the study as we now have a DNA marker for the oldest continuous Kinsman line we've worked on - going back to the 1300s.

Of course this is only one sample so far - if you descend from the Kinsman of Leicester line we'd love to hear from you.

Last updated 25 April 2015