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Last update - April 2015

Including this within the "results" section of the DNA pages was a little cheeky, until we finally managed to trace a link between this ancient line and the line of Kinsman from neighbouring Leicestershire.  This family was number one on the list for wanting DNA evidence, for what it could disprove as much as what it could possibly prove. The Kinnesman family of Loddington and later Broughton and Pipewell Abbey - all in Northamptonshire - is the oldest well documented of the Kin(g)(s)man lines.  It could possibly have been the linking factor between the trees of Kingsman in Wiltshire, Kinsman in the USA and Kinsman of Cornwall.

In the 1870s Frederick Kinsman, an American businessman, commissioned research into his family history.  This was eventually published as "The Kinsman Family. Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Robert Kinsman, of Ipswich, Massachusetts. From 1634 to 1875", by Alfred Mudge & Sons, Boston, in 1876.

The American side of this research was done by a Lucy Stickney, with work in England being contracted to Ms. Harriet Bainbridge de Sallis. Ms de Sallis was maybe a little over enthusiastic in trying to prove that her client was of "noble" descent and so her work must be taken with a liberal pinch of salt at times.

Her major conclusion was that the Robert Kinsman who emigrated to the USA in 1634 (Frederick Kinsman's direct ancestor) was either Robert Kingsman of Overton, Wiltshire or Robert Kinsman of Broughton, Northamptonshire. In fact neither is the case, and Robert the emigrant was most likely the son of Roger Kinsman, a tailor from Highworth in Wiltshire.

Notwithstanding the flaws in Ms de Sallis' work, it does leave some very interesting possibilities. Not the least since we now know that there is a definite genetic link between the Kingsman family of Overton and a Kinsman family from the USA - the latter most likely descending from this Robert (the emigrant) of Highworth.

Perhaps she was actually correct in her theory that the lines do connect back via John Kingman of South Newton to this arms bearing family from Northamptonshire.

On the tree that she assembled as part of this work, she also includes a statement (unfortunately, like many of her statements, unsupported by any evidence) about John Kinsman (brother of Robert of Broughton) baptised 26 Sep 1611 "from whom descended the Kinsmans of Devonshire, non-conformists and friends of George Whitfield".

This might perhaps be her repeating family lore from one of the descendants of the Reverend Andrew Kinsman of Plymouth, who was a friend of George Whitfield. Certainly the top of the ancestral tree of this Andrew that we have put together has more questions in it than answers, although with the current state of evidence, the ancestral line is more likely to lie within Devon than to be another removal from Northamptonshire.

All of this is no more than conjecture, but intriguing nonetheless.  What we would really like is to find living male descendants from each of John Kingman of Wiltshire, Andrew Kinsman of Devon, and any Kinsman who we could definitely link back to the Northampton line.

At the moment we still lack some of these.  Perhaps you're the person we're looking for to  help?

What we do now have is a continuation of this Kinnesman line across the border into Leicestershire and traced down to living descendants. One of these has joined the DNA study and turns out to have an uncommon haplogroup (E1b1b) , and a DNA profile which does not match at all with the Wiltshire Kingsman line, disproving at least one of the links in the de Sallis text.

More donors on this line would help a lot, and we are still working to trace descendants of the Wiltshire Kingman line and the Kinsmans of Tavistock.

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Last updated 25 April 2015