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Last update - October 2018

Like most DNA studies this one started off with a single volunteer, in this case a descendant of Thomas Kinman, born around 1737. This Thomas was originally thought to be part of the family of Francis Kinman of Holborn, Middlesex.

This Francis descends in turn from Richard Kinman, born about 1638, a saddle tree maker in Holborn. This Richard apparently also went by the name of Hodges, which provides the link back to the Kinman family of Kinman of Cow Honeybourne in Worcestershire, where the name of Kinman als Hodges had been known for about a century.

Not all links in the tree are substantiated, but most likely the earliest member of this family is John Kinman who was buried in Cow Honeybourne in 1545.

This DNA flag stood in isolation for eight years until we got a second donor, this time a descendant of Richard Kinman the tree of Kynman of Lincolnshire. Richard was born about 1580 and married in Lincoln in 1604. His descendants lived in Belton on the Isle of Axeholme

These two trees have no indication of a common link, so it came as a surprise that the two donors matched 32/37 +5.

This prompted further investigation of the Kinman records in London and it would appear that there were two different Kinman families, one from Worcestershire and one from Lincolnshire, living a couple of miles apart in London in the early 1700s.

A paper trail linking Thomas of London back to Richard of Lincolnshire has not yet been found.

It's also worth noting that these Kinman donors also match with an extensive American family called ENGLISH. From the mutation patterns it would appear that there are two distinct branches of this English family in the USA coming from two separate migrations from the same family in England. The link with the Kinman family is most likely at about the time of formation of surnames.

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Last updated 14 October 2018