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Kin(g)(s)man Families in Canada

There have been several migrations of Kinsman (Kingsman) (Kingman) (Kinman) individuals to Canada, especially in the various Kinsman lines from Cornwall and Devon.  This section tries to list all the major groups as they become known.  Whether all, or any, of these groups link into a common family unit has not yet been proved.  There is a DNA project in progress which may help to show this, but the results so far (of only three inviduals) show two distinct family lines, with a possible third as yet untested.  More participants are needed in order to try and knit these separate limbs together.  Please contact me via the e-mail link on the front page if you'd like to join in.

A lot of the work on putting the separate trees together as shown here as been done by others.  All comments, corrections and contributions are welcome.

The links to Canadian families from this page currently include information on 1,264 individuals.

Individuals in other trees:
Robert KINSMAN b1747 Ipswich, MA, USA. Descended from Robert "the emigrant" Kinsman. Emigrated to Nova Scotia and married there to Jerusha Bill.
Joseph KINSMAN b1760 Ipswich, MA, USA. Descended from Robert "the emigrant" Kinsman. Emigrated to Nova Scotia, brother of Robert above.
Joanna [SMEETH] KINSMAN b1792 in Poundstock, Cornwall. Emigrated to Canada in the 1850s settling in Toronto.
Nicholas KINSMAN b1794 in Redruth, Cornwall. Emigrated to Canada in the 1840s settling in Galt, Ontario.
Richard KINSMAN b1854 in Ontario, s/o Nicholas above. Was living in Nebraska in 1880 but then moved to California, naturalised there in 1892.
Thomas KINSMAN b1799 in Kilkhampton, Cornwall. Emigrated to Canada about 1833 and lived in Hamilton, Ontario.
Thomas Barrett KINSMAN b1827 in Kilkhampton, s/o Thomas above. Emigrated with his wife Harriet Cotton to Loda, Illinois, in 1865.
James KINSMAN b1798 in Poughill,Cornwall, married to Ann Squire. Emigrated to Prince Edward Island about 1842. Many of his descendants then emigrated to America.
Edward KINSMAN b1845 in Prince Edward Island, grandson of James above, aka Edmund. Emigrated to Cambridge, MA in 1893.
Margaret [KINSMAN] MCKINSTRY b1857 in Prince Edward Island, granddaughter of James above. Married John McKinstry and emigrated to Norfolk, MA in 1902.
Mary [KINSMAN] BARNARD b1863 in Prince Edward Island, granddaughter of James above. Married James Barnard and emigrated to Cambridge, MA in 1898.
William KINSMAN b1799 in Poundstock, Cornwall, first cousin of Thomas above. Married Catherine Uglow and emigrated to Canada about 1850, lived in Bowmanville, Ontario Outline Tree
Elizabeth [KINSMAN] ROBERTSON b1860 in Fullerton, Ontario. Granddaughter of William above. Married George Robertson and emigrated to the USA <1900.
Thomas KINSMAN b1795 in Launcells, Cornwall.  Married Mary Littlejohn and emigrated to Canada in 1832 with their family of 6 children.  Lived in Fullarton, Ontario. Outline Tree
Richard KINSMAN b1809 in Devon. Married Susan Sloman and emigrated to Canada between 1845-51. Lived in Nothumberland, Ontario.
John KINSMAN b1816 in Poughill, Cornwall. Married Ann Sandycock and emigrated to Canada in 1851 with 6 children, another 3 being born in Ontario.  Lived in Hope, Ontario.
Thomas KINSMAN b1820 in Launcells, Cornwall. Married Fanny Petherick and emigrated to Canada about 1850 with 3 children, another being born in Ontario.  Lived in Manvers, Ontario.
Mary KINSMAN b1850 in Manvers, Durham County, d/o Thomas above. Married Josiah Strong and they lived in Walhalla, North Dakota, USA
John KINSMAN b1824 in Kilkhampton, Cornwall. Married Elizabeth Miles and emigrated in 1843. Lived in Hope, Ontario.
William KINSMAN b1828 in Tavistock, Devon. Emigrated to Toronto in 1857.
William Walter KINSMAN b1830 in Morwenstow, Cornwall. Emigrated in the mid 1880s with his wife Kezia and lived in Port Hope, Ontario.
Josiah KINSMAN b1872 in St Pinnock, Cornwall. Emigrated to Canada in 1906 with his family and his younger brother Edward settling in Winnipeg.
Alexander KINSMAN b1885 in Burntisland, Fife. Emigrated to Canada in 1909 and married Elizabeth Hamilton Brown in British Columbia in 1911.
Morwenna MABBOTT b1886 in Penzance, Cornwall. Married Gerald Ralph in 1911 in Nova Scotia. Lived in Brandon, Manitoba.
Janet KINSMAN b1887 in West Calder, Midlothian. Married James Elder Steele in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1912.
Agnes KINSMAN b1889 in Espbank, Midlothian. Married Thomas Hardiman. Died in Windsie, Novas Scotia in 1978.
Thomas KINSMAN b1896 in Earlestown, Lancashire, family originally from Totnes in Devon. Emigrated in 1912 and lived in Edmonton, Alberta
Andrew KINSMAN b1899 in Brechin, Forfar. Married Helen Binnie in 1923 in Dundee and then emigrated to Canada. Lived in Edmonton, Alberta.
Ronald Desmond KINSMAN b1907, St Clears, Cornwall. Emigrated to Canada and married there to Katherine Nixon Bell.
Alfred Magnus KINSMAN b1910 in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland. Emigrated to Canada in 1935 and married there to Aubrey Leach. Lived in Montreal.
Thomas Fraser KINSMAN b1919 in Wishaw, Lanarkshire. Emigrated to Canada sometime after 1955. Died 2003 in Victoria, British Columbia
William John KINGMAN b1884 in Sutton, Surrey. Emigrated between 1912 and 1926. Married Laura Hamor formerly Gardener in 1926 in York Co., Ontario.
George KINGMAN b1895 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Married Winifred Haden. Emigrated to Quebec in 1920.
Samuel Morris KINMAN b1864 in Sheffield, Yorkshire. Emigrated to Calgary, Canada after 1911 and died there in 1928
George Ivens KINMAN b1892 in Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire. Emigrated to Toronto in and married there to Mary Fraser Ritchie.
Ester [Watson] KYNMAN married to William Wilkinson Kynman, but apparently left him in England and emigrated to Canada with their son Harry Jasper Kynman about 1896
Thomas KYNMAN born 1889 in Hull, Yorkshire. Emigrated to Vancouver, Canada in 1920 with his wife and daughter.
Richard KYNMAN Richard was born in Belton in 1867 and died in York in 1923, leaving a young orphaned family, his wife having died in 195. Three of their sons, twins Albert and Arthur and the youngest son George, were removed to Canada under the Salvation Army scheme in the 1920s. An elder brother, Sydney, emigrated to Montreal in 1947 with his wife and son, who later returned to England

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