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Kin(g)(s)man Families in the USA

There have been several migrations of Kingsman (Kinsman) (Kingman) individuals to the USA, some as far back as the 1630s, others much more recent.  This section tries to list all the major groups as they become known.  Whether all, or any, of these groups link into a common family unit has not yet been proved.  There is a DNA project in progress which may help to show this. More contributors to this project are always welcome, please check the DNA link. 

In the early days of emigration to America there appears to have been one and only one of each of the four main name variants to leave Britain for the New Frontier.

Henry KINGMAN emigrated to America in 1635 and settled in Weymouth, MA. Most web published trees state that he was originally from Frome in Somerset, but no documentary evidence has been found to support this. The parish records studied so far show no sign of a Henry of the right age. The tree published here is far from complete but currently contains reference to 1,218 descendants of Henry.

Robert KINSMAN emigrated in 1634 on the Mary and John, and settled in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Research commissioned in the 1870s claimed that he was descended from an Arms bearing family of similar name from Northamptonshire. This has since been shown to be a fabrication, he was the son of a tailor from Highworth in Wiltshire. The tree published here is far from complete but currently contains reference to 1,890 relatives of Robert.

The line of Asa Kinsman of New York, shows a direct DNA connection to the line of Robert Kingsman of Overton, Wiltshire.  Unfortunately Asa's line has not yet been traced back further than the early 1800s, so we lack a paper trail between this and the numerous known descendants of "Robert the emigrant".  Anyone of that well known line would be a very welcome participant in this DNA study.

John KINMAN, born ~1737, probably in Pennsylvania. Family lore says that he was Scots in parentage, he may have been the son of either Samuel or William Kinman, who both lived in Pennsylvania and were a generation older than John. The origin of this numerous family has not been traced. The tree published here is far from complete but currently contains reference to 1,091 relatives of John.

John KINGSMAN was born about 1660 in Fyfield, Wiltshire, the son of Richard and Alice Kingsman. He married Hannah Simcock and settled with her Chester County, Pennsylvania. He had only one son who predeased him leaving no heirs, so the Kingsman name died out in the USA until much later emigrations.

There have of course been many subsequent emigrations, these emigrants are listed in the table below as and when they have been discovered. There are also some "rogue" references discovered in US databases where the people named cannot be linked back to any of the parent trees here. These can all be found HERE. If you can identify any of them please let me know.

More participants for both the DNA study and to contribute their individual trees are needed.  Please contact me if you'd like to join in.

A lot of the work on putting the separate trees together as shown here has been done by others.  All comments, corrections and contributions are welcome.

These pages link to records of 8,382 individuals in the American branches of the families.

Individuals in other trees:
Asa KINSMAN b~1820 in New York, USA. Possibly descended from Robert Kinsman above, definitely related to the Kingsman family of Overton, Wiltshire as proved by DNA tracing. This is the family tree of Barry and Mary Jo Neyer, contributed by Mary Jo. St Lawrence, New York
Thomas KINSMAN b1788 in Poughill, Cornwall. Emigrated about before 1841. Canaan, Pennsylvania
Samuel KINSMAN b1790 in Bridgerule, Devon. Emigrated in the mid 1840s. Dodgeville, Wisconsin
Richard KINSMAN b1802 in Gwennap, Cornwall. Emigrated about 1839. Wisconsin
Richard Grenfell KINSMAN b1806 in Redruth, Cornwall. Emigrated about 1840. Virginia
Thomas KINSMAN b1808 in Gwennap, Cornwall. Emigrated in 1842. Wisconsin
Joseph KINSMAN b1810 in Gwennap, Cornwall. Emigrated about 1842. Wisconsin
Jane Daw KINSMAN b1816 in Tavistock, Devon. Married Ralph BENNALACK and emigrated in 1874. Wisconsin
William KINSMAN b1818 in Calstock, Cornwall. Emigrated in 1851. Rutland, Vermont
John KINSMAN b1825 in Tavistock, Devon. Emigrated about 1870. Buffalo, New York
Joel KINSMAN b1826 in St Agnes, Cornwall. Emigrated about 1855. Nevada
Thomas Barrett KINSMAN b1827 in Kilkhampton, Cornwall. Emigrated to Canada as a child and then to America in 1865. Loda, Illinois
Simeon KINSMAN b1828 in St Day, Cornwall. Emigrated to the USA about 1845. Sheffield, Illinois
John KINSMAN b1828 in Trevevan, Cornwall. Emigrated about 1871. California
John KINSMAN b1830 in Redruth, Cornwall. Emigrated before 1880. Houghton, Michigan
John KINSMAN b1830 in Gwennap, Cornwall. Emigrated before 1860 to Illinois and then on to California. Coulsa Co., California
James KINSMAN b1830 in Gwennap, Cornwall. Emigrated about 1888. Colorado
Nicholas Grenfell KINSMAN b1839 in Dt Day, Cornwall. Emigrated before 1875 Siskiyou Co., California
William Henry KINSMAN b1839 in Week St Mary, Cornwall.  Emigrated about 1870. Marquette Co., Missippi
John KINSMAN b1842 in Gwennap, Cornwall. Emigrated with his wife Elizabeth Ninnis btw 1865-70. Nevada Co., California
Edward KINSMAN b1845 in Prince Edward Island. Emigrated with his wife Elizabeth Brown in 1893. Cambridge, Massachusetts
Miaman KINSMAN b1846 in Gwennap, Cornwall. Emigrated in 1866. Nevada
Alfred KINSMAN b1846 in Gwennap, Cornwall. Emigrated about 1875 Nevada
William KINSMAN b1846 in Gwennap, Cornwall. Emigrated before 1880 to Pennsylvania and then on to California Tuolumne Co., California
Daniel KINSMAN b1847 in Otterham, Cornwall. Emigrated in 1876 Pennsylvania
Mary Jane [Kinsman] STRONG b1850 in Manvers, Durham County, Canada. Married Josiah Strong and they emigrated to the USA about 1879. North Dakota
William Clough KINSMAN b1850 in Callington Cornwall. Emigrated in 1871 and married Margaret Stephens in Michigan in 1873 Houghton Co., Michigan
John KINSMAN b1853 in Crail, Fife. Married Mary Ritchie and emigrated in 1888 Iowa
Richard KINSMAN b1854 in Ontario, Canada.  Emigrated before 1880 to Nebraska and then on to California Alameda Co.,California
Margaret [Kinsman] MCKINSTRY b1857 in Prince Edward Island. Married John McKinstry and emigrated in 1902. Norfolk, Massachusetts
Thomas Pearce KINSMAN b1859 in North Petherwin, Devon. Emigrated in 1889. Pennsylvania
Richard KINSMAN b1860 in St Agnes, Cornwall. Emigrated btw 1871-80, and married Elizabeth Pearer in the USA. Alameda Co., California
Elizabeth [Kinsman] ROBERTSON b1860 in Fullerton, Ontario. Married George Roberston and emigrated soemtime before 1900. Kalkaska, Michigan
Mary [Kinsman] BARNARD b1863 in Prince Edward Island. Married James Barnard and emigrated in 1898. Cambridge, Massachusetts
Sarah Ann [Johns] KINSMAN b1866 in Wendron, Cornwall. Emigrated in 1907. Montana
Arthur KINSMAN b1874 in Kilkhampton, Cornwall. Emigrated about 1900. Sharon, Connecticut
George KINSMAN b1877 in St Andrews, Fife. Emigrated to the USA in 1902 and became a professional golfer. Married Elfreda Blom in 1911. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Annie Chisholm KINSMAN b1879, West Calder, Midlothian. Married John Little Irvine and emigrated with him in 1907. She returned to Scotland sometime after 1940. Bay City, Michigan
Margaret Rankin KINSMAN b1881, West Calder, Midlothian. Married Charles Muir and emigrated with him in the 1920s, but returned to Scotland sometime after 1930. Yonkers, New York
George KINSMAN b1883 in West Calder, Midlothian, marreid Georgina Robb there in 1908. Emigrated with his family to the USA in 1923. Peoria, Illinois
Isidore KINSMAN b1886 in St Agnes, Cornwall. Emigrated in 1904. Arizona
Sidney KINSMAN b1887 in St Agnes, Cornwall. Emigrated in 1905. Arizona
Isabella KINSMAN b1898 in Inverarity, Forfar. Emigrated to the USA in 1929. Boston, Massachusetts
Enos KINGMAN b1819 in Ston Easton, Somerset. Married Elizabeth Gould. Emigrated in 1853. Wisconsin
Ann KINGMAN b1836 in Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire. Emigrated in 1857. Married John Genry Giles. Morgan, Utah
James George KINGMAN b1879 in Clapham, Surrey. Emigrated in 1907 to Vancouver, Canada and then in 1921 to Los Angeles, USA. Los Angeles, CA
George KINGSMAN b1836, Newington, London Married Eliza Pogson, emigrated ~1868.   New York, NY
Thomas KINMAN b1814 in Sulgrave, Northamptonshire. Emigrated with his wife and family in 1853. South Orange, NJ

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