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Kingsman Family

The Arms of Simon Kynnesman of
Loddington, Northamptonshire.

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Per pale azure et gules, three saltires argent.
Crest, a buck proper, lodged in fern leaves vert

This project started off as an investigation of my own maternal grandmother's family line, that of Kingsman.  With the help of some Kingsman cousins I managed to trace this family back to Wiltshire in the 1500s and along the way came across a Victorian investigation into what appeared to be the same family, but approached from the family of a Kinsman businesman in mainland USA. This Kinsman family also originated in Wiltshire in the 1500s and subsequent DNA tests have shown them to be from the same root as my own Kingsman line.

According to that book the Kingsman/Kinsman family is originally rooted in the Kynnesman (?Kyngesman?) family of Northamptonshire, England. It states that, in the late 15th Century, John Kyngesman, grandson of Simon Kinnesman of Loddington, moved from the family estates of Loddington and Broughton, which were held by his elder brothers, to new holdings at South Newton in Wiltshire - acquired perhaps as a result of his marriage. 

Unfortunately, it turned out that much of the English research done for this was quite imaginative and in places deliberately misleading.

Correcting these misdirections and researching the real interconnections has become a bit of a passion - hence the breadth of the trees included here of families who, in the event, have mostly turned out not to be related to each other.

Several distinct family groups with similar names have now been identified, unfortunately none of these have definitely been traced back to the Kynnesman family of Loddington.


Derrick Watson, January 2012