Kin(g)(s)man Family Lines

This website is an attempt to bring together as much information as possible on the family lines of Kinman, Kinsman, Kingsman and Kingman across the world. Some of these surname lines turn out to be related, others are not.

It started as a study in the UK, but now has many contributions from the USA and from Australia and New Zealand.

As of the start of 2018 the site contains information on 29,500 people. Some of these have no more than a birth or death recorded, some have an extensive biography. Everything that I've found or have been given is included - and the site is still growing at the rate of about a thousand people per year.

All comments, corrections and additions are most welcome.

The Arms shown left are those of Simon Kynnesman of Northamptonshire. He was Sheriff of Northampton, MP for the county and held the manor of Loddington in the early 1400s.

During the 1700s these arms were adopted within branches of the Kingsman families, who at that time believed that they were descended from that ancient family and had some vague claim to their use. Some changed the colours, and some modern arms sites show even more adaptions (e.g. crosses instead of saltires).

The arms of Simon Kynnesman have a robust historical basis, but no evidence has yet been found to support any of these other claims.

Per pale azure et gules, three saltires argent.
Crest, a buck proper, lodged in fern leaves vert

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