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14th Aug 18421 - 1898

Worked in an office in Castlebar Docks3

Life History

14th Aug 1842

Born in Stourbridge.1

11th Sep 1842

Baptised in Ashted, Warwickshire (Saint James The Less, Ashted, Warwickshire).4

s/o Wm & Sophiam

2nd Jan 1868

Married Anna Maria BURNS in Achill Sound RC Church, Co. Mayo.5

1868 January 2nd...Anna Maria Burns (full age) married Robert Kingsman. Father - Thomas Burns -schoolmaster

24th Oct 1868

Birth of daughter Mary Vince KINGSMAN in Achill Sound.5


Occupation Tinsmith.2


Resident in Polranny, Co. Mayo

8th Oct 1870

Birth of son William Thomas KINGSMAN in Achill Sound.5,4


Death of son John Richard KINGSMAN in Castlebar

15th Mar 1873

Birth of son John Richard KINGSMAN in Dublin North.4

16th Apr 1875

Birth of son Robert George KINGSMAN in Castlebar.4


Birth of son Andrew KINGSMAN in Dublin North

15th Feb 1880

Birth of daughter Sophia KINGSMAN in Dublin North.4,6


Death of son Andrew KINGSMAN in Dublin North

17th May 1882

Birth of daughter Kathleen Kerol KINGSMAN in Castlebar.6


Birth of son Frederick KINGSMAN in Castlebar


Birth of son James Samuel KINGSMAN in Castlebar


Death of son James Samuel KINGSMAN in Castlebar


Occupation Worked in an office in Castlebar Docks.3


Resident in Castlebar, Co. Mayo

2nd Nov 1891

Birth of daughter Mariella KINGSMAN in Castlebar.7


Death of daughter Mariella KINGSMAN in Dublin North


Death of son Frederick KINGSMAN in Dublin North


Died in Dublin South

Other facts



Robert suffered from frequent sever headaches and fainting fits


  • Robert Kingsman was born on the 4th August 1842 at Stourbridge.  His father is recorded as being William Kingsman "a Private in her Majesty's Regiment of Third Dragoon Guards".  His mother is given as Sophia Vince, and his father registered the birth on the same day.

    From his wife's diary in 1891 Robert was not a very well man, he was prone to frequent debilitating headaches and fainting fits.

    They lived in the vicinity of Lake Sauleen (Castlebar, Co. Mayo) and Spencer Street was within walking distance.

    They lived in a fairly substantial house.  At one time they cleared the kitchen furniture into the yard and could dance a whole set of quadrilles in the kitchen with three families present.

    They were affluent enough to take time mid-week to go to Westport on the train, go dancing, go to a show and stay overnight in a hotel.  They were friends with Doctors,  an Army (?) Captain and families who owned cars (in 1891!).


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