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Kingsman families in Ireland

Kingsman Families

These pages contain the trees of three families of Kingsman who lived in Ireland in the 1800s. The three heads of these families were brothers and their father, William Kingsman, was a soldier in the English Army (Dragoon Guards) who originally came from Wiltshire. 

The existence of the three families is an established fact, William the soldier is a well documented person, and it is recorded that the father of James Kingsman was called William. From the diary of Ann [Burns] Kingsman it is obvious that her husband Robert had a close relative called William. The final clue that linked these three families together was the discovery of William senior on the 1841 census in Radford, Nottinghamshire, England together with his wife Sophia, and his two earliest born sons. 

What happened to his first wife from Scotland has not yet been found out.

This section contains records of 78 individuals.

Key Individuals:
DNA comments:
There is no DNA marker for this line yet. Any male Kingsman descendant of this Irish line would be most welcome and would help to determine how William Kingsman at the head of this tree links with the other Kingsman lines.

Section last updated 4 May 2013

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