Jasper KINGSMAN Ann BOOTH Mary NELSON Mini tree diagram


17201 - 14th Oct 17845

Sherriff of Essex2

Life History


Born in London, Middlesex.1


Educated Cambridge, Cambridgeshire (St Johns, Cambridge).1

22nd May 1756

St Edmund the King and Martyr, Lombard Street

22nd May 1756

Married Ann BOOTH in London City, London.7

His marriage to Ann Booth in 1756 appeared in Gentleman's Magazine [Boyds].


Occupation High Sherriff of Essex.3


Occupation Sherriff of Essex in Stifford, Essex.2

2nd Feb 1778

Wrote will in Stifford, Essex.4

14th Oct 1784

Died in Stifford, Essex.5

30th Oct 1784


20th Nov 1789

Property Described in Sales catalogue - £67.1 million in Stifford, Essex.6


  • Adm. pens. (age 19) at ST JOHN'S, Nov. 14, 1739. Son of Jasper (1712), Esq., of Middlesex. Born in London. School, Hackney (Mr Newcome). Matric. 1740. One of these names, of Stratford, Essex, died Nov. 14, 1784. (G. Mag.)

  • History of the County of Essex.Vol 7:

    Inherited the manor of South Ockendon from his father, Jaspar (1754)

  • 16th May 1755

    The Court Baron and Customary Court of Jasper Kingsman, Esquire and William Bury, Gentleman, Lord of the said Manor held on Friday the 16th day of May in 25 George II, 1755, before John Comyng, steward there.

    Whereas Jasper Kingsman held a messuage called Mocks and three parcels of pasture containing about six acres lying in Bulvan and the manor thereon, since the last and before this Court died so seized thereof and Jasper Kingsman Esquire is his oldest son and heir, prays to be admitted and is granted such by William Bury, Lord of the Manor.

    (ERO D/DHt/T47/2 Copy of Court-roll Bulphan)

  • Sale catalogue of the estates of the late Jasper KINGSMAN, esq., to be sold by order of his trustees at the Rainbow Coffee-House in Cornhill, London, on 19,20 November 1789 in 24 lots;

    they comprise:

    a mansion house at Stifford;
    a moiety of the manor of South Ockendon;
    South Ockendon Hall and Dairy Farm in South Ockendon;
    Eldertons Farm in South Ockendon;
    the next turn and perpetual alternate right of presentation to the Rectory of South Ockendon;
    Skelton Farm in Orsett;
    Pump House in Orsett;
    a small farm adjoining Bulphan Common near Orsett;
    Manor of Wyfields and Wyfields Farm in Horndon on the Hill;
    Tye Green Farm and Gore Ox Farm in Horndon on the Hill;
    house called Crookes and lands in Horndon on the Hill;
    Giffords and Crosshouse Lands Farm in Corringham;
    Oil Mill Farm and lands in Fobbing;
    the Tan House in Fobbing;
    Great Ellfords Farm and Lady's Island in Fobbing;
    Mussells Farm and lands in Bowers Gifford;
    the next turn but one and every succeeding third turn of presentation to the rectory of Bowers Gifford;
    White House Farm and lands in Rayleigh;
    Little Lodge Farm and lands in Rayleigh;
    Limehouse Farm in Rayleigh;
    Eastwood Great Lodge Farm in Eastwood;
    Edwards Hall Farm in Eastwood;
    and Glanthams Farm and lands in Shenfield


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