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1878 George Kingsman 1957 photo

1878 George Kingsman 1957 photo

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18781,2,3,4 - 1967


Life History


Born in Walworth, Surrey.1,2,3,4

27th Jan 1878

Baptised in Walworth, Surrey (St John the Evagelist).5

s/o Richard and Rachel, Hawker of 21 Park Place

3rd Apr 1881

Recorded in census in Camberwell, Surrey (Avenue Terrace #3, Crown Street).1

5th Apr 1891

Occupation General Dealer in Acton, Middlesex.2

5th Apr 1891

Recorded in census in Acton, Middlesex (Osborn Terrace #3).2


Occupation General Dealer


Resident in Acton, Middlesex (Osborn Road #58)

25th Dec 1897

All Saints

25th Dec 1897

Married Emily Alice Collins BOSIER in Acton, Middlesex

George married Emily Alice Bosier on Christmas Day 1897 at All Saints, Acton after Banns.  George was 20 years old and gave his profession as a general dealer.  Emily was also 20 and had no profession.  The address given for both was 58 Osborne Road, Acton.

George's father is noted as Richard, a fishmonger.

Emily's father is noted as Alfred John, a bricklayer.

George made his mark, Emily signed her own name.

The witnesses were Alfred and Florence Bosier.

20th Sep 1898

Birth of son George Richard Alfred KINGSMAN in Acton, Middlesex.5,3,4

12th Feb 1900

Birth of daughter Emma Alice KINGSMAN in Acton, Middlesex.5,3,4

31st Mar 1901

Occupation General Dealer in Acton, Middlesex.3

31st Mar 1901

Recorded in census in Acton, Middlesex (Osborn Road #83).3

6th Nov 1902

Birth of daughter Ethel May KINGSMAN in Acton, Middlesex.5,4

2nd Nov 1905

Birth of daughter Ivy Jane KINGSMAN in Acton, Middlesex.5,4

15th Jan 1909

Birth of son Richard Charles KINGSMAN in Acton, Middlesex.4

28th Mar 1910

Witness in Acton, Middlesex (All Saints)

At the wedding of his sister Jane to William Bryant

2nd Apr 1911

Occupation Greengrocer in Acton, Middlesex.4

2nd Apr 1911

Recorded in census in Acton, Middlesex (Mill Hill Road #14).4

14th Nov 1911

Birth of son Frederick William KINGSMAN in Brentford, Middlesex

4th May 1915

Birth of son John Albert KINGSMAN in Brentford, Middlesex

25th Dec 1949

Death of daughter Ethel May KINGSMAN in Ealing, Middlesex


Death of Emily Alice Collins BOSIER in Ealing, Middlesex


Resident in Hillingdon, Middlesex (Dickens Avenue #97)

16th Aug 1965

Wrote will in Hillingdon, Middlesex (Dickens Avenue #97)


Died in Ealing, Middlesex


  • George made a will in 1965, appointing Alan Robert Ferris (a commissioner for oaths) as executor.  At first reading the will appears unstructured, but it seems to have a clear logic behind it. Relationships are not specified in the will, but after seeing what each of his known descendants was left  it would appear that he had taken the following course:

    Each grandchild, and some nieces,  was to receive ?100.
    The two grandchildren living with him at the time received ?250.
    His two oldest surviving children received ?500 each.
    The remainder of his estate was split evenly between his three youngest sons.

    Emma Atkins, who recieved ?100 is either his niece or his sister.
    Jane Bryant, who also received ?100, could be his sister, but is more likely to be a child of hers and William Bryant, her husband.

    Almost all of the individuals named in the will can be placed into family groups of his children.  Only one is left unplaced.  Vera North of 37 St Andrews Road, East Acton, may be a grandchild who had married and hence taken their husbands surname.  She recieved ?100.

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