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5th Jan 18095,6 - 13th May 188815

Ivory Carver

Life History

5th Jan 1809

Born in Clerkenwell, Middlesex.1,2,3,4

(most likely)

12th Feb 1810

Born in Holborn, Middlesex (Shoe Lane).5,6

(less likely)

2nd Jul 1810

Baptised in Holborn, Middlesex (St Andrew).6

s/o James and Ann, Shoe Lane, born Febry 12 1810

25th Mar 1829

Married Mary Ann BARNARD in St Sepulchre.28,6,6

Richard Kingsman and Mary Ann Barnard were married on the 25th March 1829 at St Sepulchre.  Both were single and of that parish and both signed.  The witnesses were Sarah Barnard and William Plenty.

15th Jul 1829

Birth of son Richard James KINGSMAN in Lambeth, Surrey.1,2,4,16

25th Jun 1831

Birth of son William Long KINGSMAN in Lambeth, Surrey.1,17


Resident in Lambeth, Surrey (King Street).7

25th Mar 1833

Birth of daughter Mary Ann KINGSMAN in Lambeth, Surrey.1,18,19,20

24th Feb 1836

Birth of son George Charles KINGSMAN in Lambeth, Surrey.1,21,22

between 1837 and 1849

Resident in Lambeth, Surrey (New Street #63).8,9,10

9th Sep 1837

Birth of son Edmund KINGSMAN in Lambeth, Surrey

3rd Feb 1838

Death of son Edmund KINGSMAN in Lambeth, Surrey

11th Nov 1838

Birth of daughter Sophia KINGSMAN in Lambeth, Surrey

18th Nov 1838

Death of daughter Sophia KINGSMAN in Lambeth, Surrey

3rd Oct 1839

Birth of son Charles KINGSMAN in Lambeth, Surrey.1,2,23,24

6th Jun 1841

Occupation Ivory worker in Lambeth, Surrey.1

6th Jun 1841

Recorded in census in Lambeth, Surrey (New Street #63).1

29th Oct 1841

Birth of daughter Emma KINGSMAN in Lambeth, Surrey

26th Sep 1843

Birth of son Alfred KINGSMAN in Lambeth, Surrey.2

1st Oct 1845

Birth of son Frederick KINGSMAN in Lambeth, Surrey.2,3,25,26,27

18th Oct 1847

Birth of son Thomas KINGSMAN in Lambeth, Surrey

2nd Sep 1849

Death of daughter Emma KINGSMAN in Lambeth, Surrey

24th Nov 1849

Birth of son Edwin KINGSMAN in Lambeth, 63 New Street.18,19

9th Jan 1851

Death of son Thomas KINGSMAN in ,Surrey

between 1861 and 1865

Resident in Walworth, Surrey (Manor Place #5).11,12

7th Apr 1861

Occupation Ivory Carver in Lambeth, Surrey

7th Apr 1861

Recorded in census in Lambeth, Surrey (Manor Place #5).2

18th Dec 1861

Death of son William Long KINGSMAN in Walworth, Surrey


Occupation Tobacconist.8


Resident in 121 Hounsditch.8

2nd Apr 1871

Occupation Ivory Turner in Hackney, Middlesex.3

2nd Apr 1871

Recorded in census in Hackney, Middlesex (Victoria Road #15).3

18th Jan 1878

Beneficiary in Sydney, NSW, Australia.13

In the will of his sister Mary Ann Benson

before 1880

Death of son George Charles KINGSMAN

3rd Apr 1881

Occupation Ivory worker in Leyton, Essex.4

3rd Apr 1881

Recorded in census in Leyton, Essex (Lea Bridge Gardens #91).4

11th Aug 1882

Death of son Charles KINGSMAN in St Thomas's hospital.6

12th May 1886

Wrote will in Leyton, Essex (Lea Bridge Gardens #91).14

13th May 1888

Died in Leyton, Essex (91 Lea Bridge Gardens).15

Chronic nephritis
aged 80

23rd Jun 1888

Probate in ,London.15,14

The Will of Richard Kingsman late of 91 Lea Bridge Gardens Leyton in the County of Essex who died 13 May 1888 at 91 Lea Bridge Gardens was proved at the Principal Registry by Mary Ann Herbert (Wife of Joseph Herbert) of 7A High street Shoreditch in the County of Middlesex the Daughter the sole Executrix.
Personal Estate ?65


  • Richard Kingsman was the son of James Kingsman an Ivory Turner and Ann Webb.  He was born on the 5th January 1809 in Clerkenwell and christened at St. Andrew Holborn on 2nd July 1810.

    Richard married Mary Ann Barnard at St. Sepulchre's Church on the 25th March 1829.

    In 1833 when their daughter Mary Ann was christened at St. Mary's Church, Lambeth the couple were living at King Street but by 1837 when Edmund was christened at the same church they had moved to fresh pastures at New Street, Lambeth.

    It occurred to his grandson Frank Jesse Kingsman that as a skilled worker Richard might be found in the London Street Directories.  In 1842 Richard was found as an Ivory Worker in New Street, Kennington Cross, which was just south of the River Thames in Lambeth not far from the street known in the song as Lambeth Walk.  Successive directories showed that he lived there until 1850, when his address changed to Manor Place in nearby Walworth.  In those days that area of London was predominately working class so evidently Richard's skills did not bring in any great rewards.  Frank later found that Ivory as a Victorian fashion item was in decline.  At all events Richard did not pass his skill onto his sons.

    By the time the 1881 census was taken Richard, aged 73, and his wife Mary, aged 74, had moved to the leafy suburbs of  91 Lea Bridge Gardens, Lea Bridge Road, Leyton, Essex.  Richard James his eldest son aged 51, a Licensed Victualler out of employment, and Joseph Herbert an unmarried visitor from Olney, Buckinghamshire also a Licensed Victualler out of employment, were living with them. Joseph Herbert later went on to marry his daughter Mary Ann.

    Richard Kingsman made a Will, which had at the time of writing his address as 91 Lea Bridge Gardens, Leyton, Essex and was signed on the 12th May 1886.  Richard left everything to his daughter Mary Ann, wife of Joseph Herbert.  This was subject to his daughter paying Richard's wife Mary [Barnard] the sum of ?1 per week during her lifetime.  Mary was alive in 1886 although perhaps not in the best of health and Richard was relying on their daughter to look after her after his death.  The second  significant piece of information from the Will was that Richard had invested money in a savings bank in Moorgate in the City of London, which sum of money had been given to him by his sister Mary Benson of Sydney, New South Wales.

    Richard died on 13th May 1888 aged 70 at 91 Lea Bridge Gardens, Leyton.  Two causes of death are listed but the first is illegible, the second is Chronic Nephritis.  Richard is recorded as being an Ivory Turner.  His death was reported by Richard James Kingsman, his son, of 42 Priory Road, Kilburn.

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