Anne LONG Mini tree diagram


about 16691 - 1732

Master vintner1

Life History

about 1669

Born in Kingsley, Staffordshire.1

4th Sep 1683

Apprenticed in ,London.1

Ferne Amos son of Samuel, Kingsley, Staffordshire, gentleman to John Wyeth, 4 Sep 1683, Vintners' Company


Occupation Master vintner in ,London.1

Scholey George son of Robert, Tong, Shropshire, innholder to Amos Ferne, 7 Nov 1699, Vintners' Company

24th Sep 1699

St Mary, Marylebone

24th Sep 1699

Married Anne LONG in St Marylebone, Middlesex.5


Occupation Master vintner in ,London.1

Williams George son of Thomas, St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex, gardener, deceased, to Amos Ferne, 3 Dec 1700, Vintners' Company


Occupation Master vintner in ,London.1

Long Henry son of Richard 'Hesford', Yorkshire, gentleman, deceased, to Amos Ferne, 21 Dec 1703, Vintners' Company


Occupation Master vintner in ,London.1

Rye William son of William, Savoy, Middlesex, yeoman, deceased, to Amos Ferne, 1 May 1705, Vintners' Company


Occupation Master vintner in ,London.1

Scandrett John son of Walter, Kington, Herefordshire, baker, deceased, to Amos Ferne, 3 Dec 1706, Vintners' Company

11th Jul 1712

Beneficiary in St Marylebone, Middlesex.2

in the will of his wife's uncle, James Long


Occupation Master vintner in ,London.1

Clayton Thomas son of Robert, Customs House, London, officer of Customs House to Amos Ferne, 1 Dec 1714, Vintners' Company


Occupation Master vintner in ,London.1

Tafford Samuel son of Charles, Kingsley, Staffordshire, farmer to Amos Ferne, 7 Dec 1715, Vintners' Company

29th Jan 1720/1

Beneficiary in St Marylebone, Middlesex.3

of the will of James Long


Occupation Master vintner in ,London.1

Bennet Claude son of James, St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex, gentleman to Amos Ferne, 5 Mar 1728/9, Vintners' Company

before 1730

Death of Anne LONG.4

17th Oct 1730

Wrote will in ,London (St Paul Covent Garden).4


Died in ,London

5th Jan 1732/3

Probate in ,London.4

By Samuel Trafford, nephew of Amos


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