KINGSMAN Catherine KINGSMAN Richard KINGSMAN Margaret KINGSMAN Robert KINGSMAN Thomas KINGSMAN Elizabeth KINGSMAN Agnes SMITHE Mini tree diagram


also known as Robert KINGESMAN

about 1530 - 1593

Life History

about 1530


about 1564

Birth of son Richard KINGSMAN in Overton, Wiltshire

about 1566

Birth of daughter Margaret KINGSMAN in Overton, Wiltshire


Birth of son Robert KINGSMAN in Overton, Wiltshire

after 1573

Birth of son Thomas KINGSMAN in Overton, Wiltshire

about 1574

Birth of daughter Elizabeth KINGSMAN in Overton, Wiltshire


Overseer in Overton, Wiltshire.1

Of the will of Thomas Stevens


Settlement in Overton, Wiltshire.2

Marriage settlement between Robert Kingsman senior and Richard Franklin senior. Thought to be in favour of Robert's son Robert and a daughter of Richard.

25th Aug 1592

Wrote will in Overton, Wiltshire.3


Died in Overton, Wiltshire

20th Jan 1593/4

Probate in ,London.3

Other facts


Married Agnes SMITHE


  • The 1539 muster of North Wiltshire records no Kingsman males in the parishes of Kennett or Overton. Although possible that ages could fall outside of the muster requirements, this is strong evidence that the Kingsmans were not originally of this area and migrated in sometime in the mid 16th century.

  • Robert was a wealthy man of his time.  In his will dated 1592 his house in Overton (and presumably the associated lands) is left to his eldest son Richard and his wife Agnes so long as she desired to stay there and did not remarry.  He also left lands in East Kennett and Calne to his second son, Robert.

    He left ?60 to each of his two daughters to be paid when they married.

    He left a  total of ?133 16 shillings to his youngest son, Thomas, who was underage in 1592.  He also left instructions that Thomas was to educated by "his loving friend Mr Richard Kingesmill".  [A William Kingesmill was Vicar of Overton up until his death in 1548].  Thomas was also to receive an extra amount to be paid from debts due to Robert.

    Of his debts, he requested that ?60 should be paid to each of his wife, Agnes, and his two sons Robert and Richard.  The remainder to go to Thomas.

    He therefor left total monetary legacies of over ?433, as well as his house and lands in various parts of Wiltshire.

    Based on average earnings his monetary legacies would be worth in excess of ?939,000 in 2007.

    He specifically mentions his brother-in-law Thomas Smithe (who witnessed the will) and his son-in-law William Griffin.  In the context it is obvious that this William Griffin is not married to one of his daughters.  He must therefor be the child of his wife Agnes, nee Smithe, from a previous marriage.

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