also known as Robert KINGESMAN

1568 - 164710


Life History


Born in Overton, Wiltshire


Settlement in Overton, Wiltshire.1

Marriage settlement between Robert Kingsman senior and Richard Franklin senior. Thought to be in favour of Robert's son Robert and a daughter of Richard.

about 1589

Married FRANKLIN.12

Evidence for this marriage is taken from a Deed of Settlement 8th January 31 Elizabeth. The original is in latin and the best translation we have (by Sue Valliant) contains the line:

"I the aforesaid Richard Franklyn in consideration of ten pounds of good and legal English money paid to me well and honestly by virtue of a marriage settlement by that Robert Kingsman of Overton in the county aforesaid, yeoman, I am content and satisfied to make over, discharge by the present writings property to the said Robert Kingsman his heirs, executors and administrators."

This is the most direct evidence found so far identifying the wife of Robert Kingsman, only a few of his children appear in the fragments of the Overton Bishop's Transcripts that have survived and none of these name their mother.

Similarly the will of Richard Franklin, who died in 1597 according to an inquisition, has not been found.


Beneficiary in Overton, Wiltshire.2

In the will of Robert Kingsman

about 1595

Birth of son Richard KINGSMAN in Overton, Wiltshire


Birth of son Robert KINGSMAN in Overton, Wiltshire


Birth of son Phillip KINGSMAN in Overton, Wiltshire.11

about 1601

Birth of daughter Mary KINGSMAN in Overton, Wiltshire

about 1603

Birth of daughter KINGSMAN in Overton, Wiltshire


Birth of daughter Catherine KINGSMAN in Overton, Wiltshire

about 1607

Birth of daughter KINGSMAN in Overton, Wiltshire


Birth of son Thomas KINGSMAN in Overton, Wiltshire


Overseer in Overton, Wiltshire.3

Of the will of Richard Kingsman

23rd Nov 1617

Performed Inventory in Overton, Wiltshire.4

In respect of the estate of Richard Smith


Beneficiary in Overton, Wiltshire.5

In the will of Anne Kingsman

1st Jun 1620

Performed Inventory in Overton, Wiltshire.6

In respect of the estate of Anne Kingsman

19th May 1628

Settlement in East Kennett.7

19th May 1629

Witness in East Kennett, Wiltshire.8

To the will of Richard Franklin

23rd Sep 1634

Witness in Marlborough, Wiltshire.7

in the Inquisition post mortem of Richard Franklin


Death of daughter Mary KINGSMAN in Overton, Wiltshire


Occupation Yeoman


Resident in Overton, Wiltshire.9


Died in Overton, Wiltshire.10

6th Apr 1647

Wrote will in Overton, Wiltshire.10

26th Jul 1647



  • A History of Wiltshire Vol.11 P.195:

    Referring to a West Overton estate held by Wilton Abey in 1066. 'Nothing is known of the estates economy later in the Middle Ages.  In 1535 the manor was worth L21, of which L9 represented the rents of free and customary tenants and L12 the farm of the desmesne. The desmesne in 1567 contained 168 acres of arable and 7 acres of meadow and supported a large flock. The KINGSMAN family were farmers in the earlier 17th centuary and the Cooke for most of the 18th...'

  • Robert Kingsman (63), the elder, Robert (34) and Thomas (22), his sons, hold by copy, 15 March 1 Charles [1626], by grant of William, Earl of Pembroke, under fine of 10L., a messuage with a curtilage and a yardland; rent 13s 4d; heriot of the best beast.

    To which belong a dwelling house of 4 ground rooms lofted over, a barn of 4 rooms, a malt house and stable of 3 rooms, all well repaired, with a backside, garden and orchard adjoining (in all 1 acre), plots of meadow in the South Mead (half an acre) and in the Little Mead (1 rood) and 21 and a half acres of arable in the common field, whereof in the North Field 6 and half acres, in the West Field called Little Field 4 and a half acres and in the South Field 10 and three quarters acres; with common of pasture for 4 horses, 5 kine and a runner and 60 sheep. Reputed one yardland and a cote. Worth 10L.

    [Survey of the Manors of Philip, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, 1631-32, Page 78
    West Overton, surveyed 24 May 7 Charles [1631]]

  • Extract from the will of Robert Kingsman, as given by Ms Hariett de Sallis in the Kinsman family history book published in 1876:

    Robert Kingsman, of Overton, the elder, yeoman, sicke in body, but in good and pefitt mynde, the 6 day of Aprill, 1647.....desires to be buried in the church of Overton to which he bequethes 16 shillings.

    To children of my son Richard Kingsman, 20 shillings apiece
    To Robert, the sonne of my sonne Robert, the sum of ?20 when he shall come to lawful age
    To children of my son Phillip, 20 shillings apiece
    To children of my son-in-law Edward Carpenter, 20 shilling apiece
    To children of my son-in-law John Newman, 20 shillings apiece
    To children of my son-in-law Nathaniell Poole, 20 shillings apiece
    To children of my son-in-law Henry Fisher, 20 shilling apiece
    To daughter of my son Thomas, and to the child unborn of my son Thomas, 20 shillings apiece

    Robert Kingsman to be kinsman Robert Kingsman of Overton, yeoman, and Thomas Stevens my kinsman, of Lockbridge, to be overseers.

    The will was proved on the 26 July 1647

    The full text of the same will shows that some significant wording has been omitted in this extract as given by de Sallis to bend things towards her view of events.  In particular the will demonstrates quite clearly that Robert junior (son of this Robert) could not have been Robert the emigrant as he was executor of the will and would have to have been in Wiltshire in 1647 to be so.

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