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Margaret DEBNAM

1654 - 1721

Life History


Born in Frome, Somerset

2nd Nov 1654

Baptised in Frome, Somerset (St John Frome).1

d/o Solomon and Margaret of Orchardly


Birth of daughter Margaret KINGMAN in Frome, Somerset

about 1679

Birth of son Samuel KINGMAN in ,Somerset


Birth of son Solomon KINGMAN in Frome, Somerset


Death of Henry KINGMAN in Frome, Somerset

14th Feb 1694/5

Beneficiary in Frome, Somerset.2

Of the will of Solomon Debnam

10th Mar 1706/7

Executor in Frome Selwood, Somerset.3

Of the will of Robert Smith


Death of son Samuel KINGMAN in Frome, Somerset


Death of son Solomon KINGMAN in Frome, Somerset


Died in Frome, Somerset

4th Nov 1721

Wrote will in Frome Selwood, Somerset.4

4th Dec 1721

Buried in St John the Baptist, Frome.5


18th Apr 1722

Probate in London.4

at PCC London by Margaret SMITH, daughter and exix of the deceased

Other facts


Married Henry KINGMAN


  • At the death of her father in 1694 Margaret had three living children, Margaret, Samuel and Solomon. Of these Margaret was of an age to inherit directly, Solomon was not and Samuel is implied to not be of age.

  • Margaret died in 1621, but her name lived on for several years after in the parish rates. She left substantial property to her four Kingman grandchildren (but nothing to the two sons of her daughter, John and Robert Smith) but these were all underage when she died. Hence she (her estate held in trust) continues to appear in the rates:

    1727-28 Mrs Kingman not rated for a house at Garston Stile

    1727-30 Mrs Kingman rated 3d for Thomas DEBNAMs, 4d for pt of GURGFIELDs, 2d for pt of WESTs and 5p for CHAMPIONs

    1727-32 Mrs Kingman rated 3d for pt of BARNS's

    1727-34 Mrs Kingman rated 1d for pt of SELWOODs (1727-28 4d), 11d for a house & 3 ac. ground and 5p for a house late erected

    1733-34 Mrs Kingman not rated for Lt PERRYs Badcox Lane


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