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also known as John KYNGMAN

before 1515 - 1560

Life History

before 1515

Born in Wishford

Eldest son of Thomas, left in charge of his borthers Robert and William after his father's death.

about 1535

Birth of son Walter KINGMAN in Wishford

about 1535

Married Margery BLAKE

This union is conjectural based only on the closeness of the Blake and Kingman families as obvious from the numerous interactions detailed in their wills. John Kingman's wife was called Margery (as per his will dated 1558) and John Blake had a daughter called Margery (as per his will dated 1553)

about 1536

Birth of son Thomas KINGMAN in Wishford

29th Aug 1536

Beneficiary in Wishford, Wiltshire.1

In the will of Thomas Kingman

29th Aug 1536

Executor in Wishford, Wiltshire.1

Of the will of his father, Thomas

about 1537

Birth of son William KINGMAN in Wishford

about 1540

Birth of daughter Anne KINGMAN in Wishford

after 1541

Birth of son John KINGMAN in Wishford

about 1544

Birth of son Nicholas KINGMAN in Wishford

25th Dec 1553

Overseer in South Newton, Wiltshire.2

Of the will of John Blake

6th Aug 1558

Wrote will in Wishford.3

18th Apr 1559

Overseer in Wishford, Wiltshire.4

Of the will of Robert Kingman


Died in Wishford

12th Mar 1560/1

Buried in Great Wishford.5

4th Feb 1561/2



  • He made his will in 1558 while ill and presumably recovered as the will was not proved until 1561.

    His son Walter is made joint executor with his wife Margery.

    There is a specified parcel of land in Winterbourne Stoke which is left in the care of his sons Thomas and William to be handed to their brother John when he reaches the age of 17.  If he does not live so long, then the land devolves to each brother in turn.  The precedence seems to imply that William is the eldest, then Thomas, then Walter.  However, Walter is named executor and recipient of the residue of the estate and on that basis could be expected to be the eldest.

    His daughter Anne was not married, and was to be given a dowry of ?13 6s 8d when she did marry.

    He also specified a sum of ?6 13s 4d which was his price to pay to a Master Brent for a piece of land for his son Nicholas.

    There are specific bequests to his sister Isabel and his brother Robert. There is a similar bequest to William Kyngman, but the relationship is not defined.  This could be either his brother or his nephew.

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